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Reasons Why You Refuse Work At Home Opportunities

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1 month ago

There are plenty of people who think that “work-at-home” is not a serious job at all. If it’s not a real job in a physical sense, then there’s no real money on it.

To be honest, I consider people who believe in such a notion to be digitally antagonistic and narrow-minded. I’m hoping you as a reader of my article doesn’t belong to such people. If you are, let’s have a look at the following scenarios that a daily commuting worker might possibly get entangled with.

I’m just having this thought that perhaps, you like being situated in any of these:

Maybe you like rushing in every morning

You had a rough night. You went partying with your friends, you came home late, and you had difficulty sleeping. When you wake up, you had this severe pain in your head.

You want to stay in bed so bad… but you realized you need to go to work because of some deadlines that you have to comply with. In the fastest way that you can, you gear yourself up for work.

A few minutes more, and you’ll be late, so you walk speedily towards the bus station where there are lots of people too who appear to be more in a hurry than you are. You ran towards the already moving bus, trying so bad to be on board but the driver doesn’t even look at you, he is busy giving hand signals to the others who want to get into his bus as well.

You are left in dismay and in frustration. You have no choice but to wait for the next bus, which could still be plenty of minutes away. You will be late again for today, and you find it hard to accept that on this day, there will be another salary deduction which is already the 7th one this month.

According to Forbes and Statista, 2 reliable internet sources prove that people from varying age brackets do show up disturbingly late for work on a weekly or monthly basis. Though it appears that older people are often the prime suspects of this problem, such an attitude could be passed on to the younger ones as well, if they don’t resolve their tardiness habits early on.

This is a serious problem. Do you like being a part of it?

Maybe you like getting exposed to pollution

You managed to swim into the sea of commuters who also struggle so hard to get into the next bus. You hate standing throughout the trip, but you have no choice, you’ll miss half of your work shift if you don’t take this one, so you decided to forego the comfort of sitting on a cushioned bus seat at least for this morning.

Most of the people who are standing as well, or those sitting next to you are freshly bathed, so foul scents are not a problem yet. But you can’t avoid thinking about that problem as you go home early this evening.

When you look outside the bus window, you can’t help but notice the smoke-belching acts that the other passing vehicles are doing. You want to cover the breathing and inhaling mechanisms of your body, you reach out for your handkerchief only to find out that you forgot to bring any… you missed it out as you hurried along.

Then there’s another setback, you already start to feel a bit lightheaded due to lack of sleep. This will be a day in which you need to drag yourself through your working tasks – a thought that makes you frown heavily while still being in the early part of the day.

If only this pollution could go away, at least for a few minutes during this trip. But here’s a fact – pollution is not going away. It has been a problem for many decades already in this industry-filled generation of hours.

Traveling to work every day does pose serious health issues. You don’t like putting that gorgeous body of yours to be rotten by illness, do you?

Maybe you like getting into accidents

Due to that light-headedness you feel, you close your eyes for a few moments to somehow relieve the problem. All of a sudden, you feel like someone pushed you from behind, you find yourself on your knees as if you’re being mind-controlled into praying to a divine entity who appeared in front of you.

You figured out you were not pushed at all, the bus went into a split-second halt because the driver wanted to avoid bumping into another bus ahead. You’re grateful there’s no accident, but you begin to wonder if this luck is just a short-lived one. What if there is another unforeseen commuting hurdle in the next few miles?

You can’t help but think, accidents are really ever-present outcomes as workers like you embark on everyday commuting. Do you like the idea of risking yourself to the dangers of commuting accidents?

If you don’t, then maybe you really should consider getting an online job.

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Written by   155
1 month ago
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This will gonna be my life once my working contract ended

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1 month ago

If you don't renew your contract anymore, that would be good. It's better to retire from some burdensome work while still young and focus on other, more important areas of life. I'm assuming your work is burdensome since you're far from your family. Wishing you all the luck in your future endeavors.

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1 month ago

Yeah it is.. And thanks

$ 0.00
1 month ago

I have a friend who invited me to visit him in Leyte. When I do visit him, and you happen to set foot there again, maybe I can get to see you too.

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1 month ago