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Making Money Online By Making Content About Food and Recipes

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Since food is the most basic of all the basic human needs, the act of ingesting it into our mouths and into our stomachs is second to none. Clearly, eating is the most important activity ever known to man. Over the span of countless centuries, the need to have access to food variations continues to evolve. Consequently, cooking methods spread through various social groups via word of mouth.

Over the next generations, men and women across cultural boundaries found ways to write and publish cooking instructions so that many other individuals can benefit from them. Thus, recipes and food articles became available everywhere.

Now, with the advent of digital technology, the publication of the art of cooking is also revolutionized. By employing a variety of means, you can earn a living out of cooking, and by writing about your culinary knowledge, and publish it online.

You can achieve it with any or all of the following:

Make a Recipe Blog Or Ebook

Making a recipe cookbook is easy. What’s difficult is getting it into a publishing company and have it approved. Don’t fret, there is a quick remedy to this. You can publish your cookbook as an ebook and sell it on the web.

You may also choose to blog about it since it is easier to have your recipe articles be published online than somewhere else. Starting a blog these days is so easy thanks to countless guides that flock the internet.

In making a cookbook or a blog, it is important to make your step-by-step process easy to read. You’re making a “how-to” reading material. Do your best to make your instructions clear and easy to follow.

Also, you have to highly consider putting pictures that would reinforce the cooking process. And bear in mind, we’re not only talking about simple and ordinary pictures here, we are talking about crisp, clear photos that can help an aspiring cook bring your recipes to life.

In taking images for your cookbook, make sure that they have proper lighting and are captured using vibrant color schemes. For obvious reasons, you wouldn’t want your readers to doubt the palatability of the recipes you’re asking them to cook.

Make a Cooking Vlog

If you hate writing about the deed, maybe you want to video the deed and show it to people. Although you may need to spend a considerable amount of money to start a vlog (buying a camera, lighting equipment, videoing accessories, etc.), most people find it easier to vlog than to blog. As a consolation, people would rather see you do the cooking, than read about how to do the cooking… right?

According to surveys, lists of the most popular “how-to” vlog niches in Youtube would most certainly include gaming, beauty tips, music, health, and cooking. If a video channel about food is highly searched by people on the internet, anyone who has cooking adeptness should highly consider starting a cooking vlog.

Whether you want to write about it or vlog about it, it is important to know what types of recipes should be included in your topics. Food experts have this understanding that people of these modern times love to hear about foods that are easy to cook, yet don’t compromise on health and nutrition. Since we can’t argue with the fact that “instant food packs” are grocery items that can’t be ignored, you might want to consider writing about recipes that include them.

By mixing up the likes of canned goods and leafy vegetables and providing a comprehensive process on how to make a delicious viand out of them, your recipes will surely be a hit among cooks and eaters alike.

Offer Online Cooking Courses

Although there are lots of knowledge resources on the internet, many people are still willing to pay to get enrolled in online courses. The idea is that, if you pay for the attainment of a certain knowledge or skill, you will most likely delve yourself into the process through the end.

Online classes are a very marketable endeavor these days, and your knowledge about food is something that many people are so eager to learn and absorb.

You can teach online cooking courses in any of these methods:

Article post series – This is different from your typical article posts in your blog. With it, a group of special subscribers will only be the ones who will have access to a series of information materials that you created just for your designed online course.

While your standard blog posts are accessible to everyone, your online course articles will only be accessed by paying subscribers.

Webinars – The popularity of this method is undeniable these days. By conducting a live, on-screen cooking demonstration, aspiring chef wannabes will surely dig you. Not you… literally, just what it is that you offer.

But won’t these methods require a high level of technical expertise? Yes… and no.

While many seasoned online course providers do indeed possess in-depth technical know-hows in conducting their stuff, there are many websites today like that offer assistance to people like maybe yourself who has an impeccable skill set, but has no background about the technicalities of things like video-conferencing and web series.

Additional tips that can make your cooking vlog/blog more attractive

Emphasize your recipe’s nutritional value – Telling about your recipe’s yumminess is a great thing. You know what’s a greater thing? Telling about the nutrition that your readers’ bodies can attain if they cook your recipes. Good eating must be partnered with the words “nutritious and healthy.” So make it a priority to include them always.

Focus on recipes with the most affordable ingredients – Readers will look at you if you can nicely teach them how to cook, but if you teach them how to cook in the most affordable way, then that would be even more fantastic. As much as possible, explain the inclusion of your ingredients in such a way that they’d be affordable or at least, accessible to your audience.

Set the audience as the main character – Maybe you’re a great cook. But how can the audience figure that out without you over-emphasizing it? – by making them the center of your explanations. By speaking or writing as if you highly value the reader’s passion to be as skillful in cooking like you, you will rise to fame with the impression that you’re not really after it.

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