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Making Money By Writing Religious Articles

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Regardless of your cultural background or where you were born, religion is surely a major aspect of your community. Although people are mostly driven to converge in places where they can have fun and be entertained, it is a known fact that they also seek places where they can listen to spiritual insights and have some divine direction for their lives.

For this reason, churches and religious institutions are conceived and built. But some people are just too lazy to go to church. Sometimes, they opt to browse through online resources where they can have some spiritual enlightenment.

Why the internet needs religious writers

Writings about religion are still in demand, even in this digitally-driven world. The reason for this is that there will always be…

The need to align our moral compass – Atheists say that you can still be moral without God. That’s so true. However, it would be a lot easier to try to be good, if we believe that there is someone out there who will reward us, or punish us, when we become too decadent with our lives.

Because we need to be updated and refreshed morally speaking on a regular basis, we need to read and hear about what God would want us to do with our everyday lives, and religious articles on the internet might just be the ultimate solution for that.

The need to connect to a divine creator – Who made us? How did these things around us come into existence? These are questions that we often ask ourselves. Since no exact explanation can actually satisfy our thirst for that inquiry, learning about the Almighty Being who created us would certainly provide us with the inner soothing that we look for.

By reading published materials about how this universe where we thrive existed from a religious standpoint, we can somehow have the sensibility that we are here for a purpose, and there is a powerful entity that’s responsible for all of this.

The acknowledgment that there are things beyond us – Many scientists declare that nothing came before us and that there will be nothing at all, once we arrive at our eventual destination that we call death. But a great percentage of people do not believe this, and wouldn’t want to embrace this at all.

For this reason, people seek religion or from an atheist’s point of view, “invented religion.” Those very smart people might call it irrationality, but ever since we became cognizant of the world around us, there are things that are evidently beyond what we can explain and comprehend.

From deep within, we have this conviction that what we have here, and what we were in the past are not the start and end of everything. There are things that lie far beyond us, and religion can really give us the guidance that we need in whatever it is that we are looking for, at least from a spiritual standpoint.

How you can reach out with your religious writings

By becoming a religious blogger – For every imaginable topic you can cite, there is a blogger somewhere in the landscape of cyberspace that talks about it, literally. If people talk about a lot of nonsense things within the blogosphere, why can’t you, a religious and wise person blog about your wisdom and knowledge?

Setting up a blog is so easy to do these days, and not to mention, could be done for no monetary capital at all. All you need is an idea, some discipline, and you could rake in some revenue out of it.

By being an ebook publisher – Some time decades ago, you need to work with a publishing company, and a printing press so you can get your books published and be sold in the market. But those days are long gone now. Just like in blogging, where there is no need to invest in some financial capital, you can be an ebook publisher. All you need to have is some basic typing skills, some solid religious ideas, and you could be on your way to a profitable publishing business.

You can just use an average-speed computer, or even your phone. By having basic knowledge about typical word-processing and pdf file types, you can be an instant publisher in which you can pour out your spiritual guidance to the netizens that highly need it.

Are you a religious person? Do you have the wisdom to convince people to tap into the divinity of an almighty being? Write for any of the following religious websites and publishing companies and earn money as you do so.

Today’s Christian Living

This site looks for story-based, testimonial articles from freelance writers. The magazine’s regular columns include health, finance, book reviews, and humor.

Their method of picking articles is based on what they think will create a good cross-section of topics for each issue. Therefore, they typically select most or all freelance articles at one time to make sure the themes create a well-rounded issue and avoid repetition of a topic within an issue or with previous issues.

Payment is based on the number of words after editing and is rated as follows. Less than 750 words: $25; 750-800 words, $75; 801-1,199 words, $100; 1,200-1,800 words, $150. Payment is given within 60 days of publication.

Vibrant Life

Their publication Vibrant Life needs practical articles that emphasize promoting improved physical health, increased mental clarity, and a sustained spiritual balance in the everyday life of the subscribers.

Short articles that fall within the range of 450 to 650 words are their favorites. For feature articles, they recommend that they should not exceed 1,000 words. Payment is made upon article approval. If it has the quality of expression, accurate use of up-to-date research findings, and relevance of content, it is sure to be published. You could be paid $100 to $300.

The Compass Magazine

As a publication of the Seventy-Day Adventist church, this one accepts articles discussing contemporary questions and challenges in SDA theology and history.

Articles comprised of 800 to 1,500 words are highly preferred and must be written in a general or conversational style. Chosen cover topics must be relevant to present events. Writers who prefer longer articles are encouraged to shorten their pieces before submitting them.

Compass pays up to $125 for original unpublished articles. If your article has already been printed somewhere else, they may choose to print it though you will only be credited for it and not accept any payment. They pay within 4 weeks after the article is posted.

Creation Illustrated

They accept feature articles and poems. Because of their emphasis on telling stories through illustrations, your submissions will only be accepted if it can be packaged in an illustrated manner with the help of the pictures that their freelance photographers provide.

Each published writer will receive 1 copy of the magazine in addition to the payment and will have a byline corresponding to it. Payment is given 30 days upon publication.

Short-worded poetry is paid at $15. For feature articles that are expected to be in 1,500-word in length, you could earn up to $100.

Lutheran Digest

The Digest has 2 main goals: To entertain and encourage believers, and to persuade non-believers to embrace the Lutheran-Christian faith in a subtle way. What this site needs are seasonal and special interest stories that showcase God’s presence in nature.


Since Islam is the next biggest religion to Christianity, the demand for articles around the topic is quite high. Should you choose to write for, your piece must reflect upon the past, present, or future state of the Muslim world.

Writers are paid up to $100 per piece although it may vary depending on word count and level of editing difficulty. Payment is given at the end of the month in which the article is published.

The above-mentioned methods are waiting for you to explore. Check them out and reap the benefits they can offer.

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Written by   156
3 weeks ago
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