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Wooden Wookie is my name. This is not my real name of course. My parents aren't that inventive. It's actually a title in some ways as it's built on top of a username I've had for close to 20 years now. This name describes what I am about... a woodworker.

I say that I'm a wood worker but in all honesty I'm a beginner. My opinion of what a woodworker is rests upon a book that is old but not as old as the Bible. It is, much like the Bible, a book that affects our language and defines us. That book is the Dictionary. The dictionary defines woodworking as:

the activity or skill of making things from wood

So if you go by that definition if you make stuff from wood, no matter what skill level, then you are a woodworker.

The story of how I got to this point is a reasonable place to start I guess.


For most of my working life I've worked in IT. It's not been my whole working life but it does come in at a hefty 18 years of my life.

I love working with computers but I quite hated working with people involved in the industry, i.e. users.

Everyday I came home angry and frustrated because of users. It wasn't even the users that made my life a misery. It was the Service Desk that did that. Imagine having to do a job with one hand tied behind your back and the correct tool in that hand. Then imagine that that's the hand you HAVE to use to complete the task. NOW you can see what I hate the Service Desk more than what the users did.

This frustration would be what I bought home and my wife picked up on it. She told me I needed a hobby. After much thinking I decided I liked woodworking the most and chose that.


I walked into that one. Not much after saying that she had already found projects for me on Pinterest. The first project I made was a set of deck chairs and they were the first ones to get me motivated.

I was now hooked on woodworking and have since made all sorts of projects. Most of the projects have been baby and child related but I've also made a lot of shop projects. Currently my shop time is being split between workshop refit and children's toys.

Children's toys are actually the real reason behind me getting into woodworking. Once my shop is up to snuff I'll be concentrating on making toys to sell.

And that's about all I have to say about that.

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2 weeks ago
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