My Noise Cash Journey - Earning while Learning Bitcoin Cash

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2 years ago
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Who would have thought that I’m here starting hodling some crypto especially bitcoin cash. I heard about crypto before especially Bitcoin I think 2015, but all the site/apps that I tried lahat “SCAM”. Halos naubos allowance ko para mag invest but only to find out na hindi siya worth it, walang nabalik sa akin kaya tinigil ko sigoro kasi dahil din I’m not so familiar about how crypto works.

Then last January 2021, due to lockdown most of my time is on Socmed, browsing and then I read post about Noise cash, at first I’m hesitant since I have tried a lot of sites/apps that you know full of scam ahaha. Then after 2 days I saw again some post about it so I told to myself why not try wala naman mawawala kung susubukan ko since its FREE.

So it’s started with the simple HOW?

Then I register and then start to post, comment and then sumali sa mga pa giveaways. Hindi pa kasi gaanong madami ang users non then hindi pa namin naisip na giveaways is not a good content. Parang all we want is to earn since yon talaga unang reason bakit din ako sumali to earn some extra income even at home during lockdown. But after 2 weeks in noise cash I enjoyed being one of the user. I also found some new friends, chatting in the comment section, I have a lot of fun. Yong hindi ko na inisip na andito ako para kumita, ang naisip ko nalang andito ako para mag enjoy, to communicate other people all around the world. It’s fun reading some of their post and comment and the same hindi mo namamalayan kumikita kana pala. Hanggang sa laging sa noisecash na ako nakababad maghapon. The first thing why I love noise cash is that you know walang mga toxic people na makikita mo sa ibang socmed sites.

Then last Feb 2021 when our company told us that we can go back to work. Virus still here but we need to live with it. So I meet my colleagues then I started telling them about noisecash and bitcoin cash. Pinakita ko din sa kanila ang earnings ko then they decided to join. I remember telling them that “just have fun and hindi mo mamalayan kumikita kana pala”. After 1 month, I asked them how is it so far? They told me that it is fun and mind you mas malaki pa ang naiipon nila kesa sa akin araw araw hahaha and I’m happy. You know I help them to have fun and appreciating BCH as number 1 crypto. I remember when the BCH is pumping so high we are so happy but decided to just hodl a little bit.😉

We started searching on youtube about BCH, search on google then yon ang pag uusapan namin. Yong dati ang laman lage ng usapan namin is all about work, how bossy is our superior etc., but now even on our gc our convo is all about bitcoin cash , its price, prediction and ofcourse yong earnings namin so far. We started now selling some and buy again para umiikot siya.

Crypto for me is like a weather, we have some forecast but you know we really don’t know kung ano talaga ang mangyayari. And that makes it more FUN.

Happy earnings my co-crypto hodler. BCH is soaring so high🚀🚀, just sit back and enjoy!

Happy reading!

Thank you!

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2 years ago
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