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Aave increased by about 1300%

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2 years ago

Aave (AAVE) is a token originally called LEND (ETH End) and moved to Aave around October last year. (See past article: Migrating from $ LEND to $ AAVE ... but ... )

By the way, "Aave" seems to mean "ghost" in Finnish, creating a transparent and open infrastructure in the DeFi field. It seems to symbolize Aave's efforts.

Aave is, in a nutshell, a decentralized lending service.

You can borrow various coins with the coins you have as collateral, or you can get fluctuating interest just by leaving them as they are.

The image above is the interest rate today on February 4, 2009, but the tether is ridiculous.

By the way, I have a small amount of DAI and USDC here

..Also, Aave is currently available in version 1 and version 2.

Those who manage coins from LEND may still be using version 1. I was also using version 1, but I felt that the interest rate was a little different and I thought it would be more convenient to move to a new version early, so I am currently operating with version 2.

By the way, this title " Aave " has increased by 1300% since I wrote the article. , but I related to", this Aave itself token AAVE If you have (which is also the governance token) is, AAVE staking of I can.

To put it simply, staking with Aave can be used for various purposes such as data approval and network maintenance by depositing and locking the coins you have for a certain period of time (in a state where you can not withdraw or move them). It's like getting a reward. By the way, the interest rate (APY) as of today is 6.15 %.

Aave, who changed from LEND in October last year, has been wandering around for about 30 to 50 yen for a while. Since LEND was a little higher, I thought that it had fallen considerably, so I left it, but with the recent rise in DeFi and Ether, the total amount of Zapper's possession has risen sharply? When I was looking at the rate of increase one by one ... UNI was also amazing ... AAVE has increased by about 1300% and it seems that future growth can be expected more and more.

I'm following Aave on Twitter, but what I've been looking forward to recently is that I'm looking for designers to further refine the design around the UI. There are various DeFi lending services such as Compound, Kyber, and dYdX, but the design is called the rental rate, and I feel that Aave is out of the question so far. I think that 1300% is still the beginning if it is proved that there is no problem in terms of security.

If the stock market crashes somewhere, I think that the cryptocurrency market will be linked and you can buy cheaply, so I can't wait for that time to come

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Written by   2
2 years ago
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