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Wunks: A platform for women-led NFT initiatives

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8 months ago
Topics: Metaverse, NFT, ETH, Web3, Artist

This post was originally published on my Twitter account.

Wunks is a collection of 6,000 women-themed punk derivatives. It was founded by a husband-wife duo with one goal in mind: To build a supportive community for women-led initiatives.

I know what you're thinking: Yet another punk derivative? It never ends!

Punk derivatives generally succeed in the short term but often come face-to-face with a lack of strong leadership in the long term. So how is Wunks positioning itself in a crowded market?

The idea is ingenious: Create the first-ever launchpad for new, women-led projects in the NFTverse.

Not only are the cost of paying for engineers and entering the market reduced substantially, but the integration of assets to the deployed contract is also improved.

What does this mean in plain English? The launchpad streamlines the deployment of a collection on Ethereum's Mainnet. This includes:

  • Uploading PNGs for token generation

  • Setting weights for properties and attributes

  • Setting up tokenomics

  • Gas optimization

And much more.

You could think of the tool as an eCommerce website. Instead of learning how to code, creating the website from scratch using HTML/CSS, and buying a domain, you could just make your website under a user-friendly interface like Shopify.

In this case, the launchpad is Shopify.

The tool will be funded by a Women Artist DAO. The Women Artist DAO will be funded by 35% of the royalties generated from secondary Wunk sales.

You can see how this system emphasizes Wunk sales; It will be the fuel for the launchpad.

There is no upfront cost to use the launchpad, as the Women Artist DAO will create enough funding for candidates.

The DAO will have a voting system for projects they deem as contenders for their financial support. The power will remain in Wunk hodlers' hands!

It doesn't end there though. The dev team is in the middle of designing a Wunk Community DAO as well. Don't get it confused with the Women Artist DAO purely meant for the launchpad.

The Wunk Community DAO is for deciding the future of the Wunks project.

Instead of putting all the stress of decision-making on the dev team's shoulders, Wunks hodlers will be able to cast their votes and decide for the future of Wunks. Decentralization at its finest!

A 2% commission will fund the Wunk Community DAO upon a project's withdrawal from the launchpad (aka: Launch). Another 5% is distributed amongst the dev team, though this percentage is subject to change.

Utility will also come from automatic whitelists in launchpad-affiliated projects.

That's right: Out with the late-night grinding for a WL spot in a competitive, blue-chip chat, and in with the easy WLs for collections that stand for a good cause.

The team has been working tirelessly for months to refine the utility provided by this project. The devs are:

  • Doxxed

  • Supported by @NFTLLama

  • Recognized by countless A-list celebs like Roman Atwood and Paris Hilton

  • Transparent

For example, the smart contract dev created an optimized contract saving OG Wunk members hundreds of dollars in gas fees. Unfortunately, there was a human mistake in the process.

To resolve this issue, the devs spent days airdropping free Wunks to those who received failed transactions due to human error.

Again, transparency is vital. We all make mistakes. The dev team took ownership of the problem and implemented a fix.

I've never been so bullish on a project of this calibre. The Discord community is tight-knit, positive, and active. Wunks has achieved feats like reaching the front page of OS, pushing sales volume to 800 in 3-4 days, and growing its Discord to 3k without much marketing.

And that's a wrap! 🙌

I hope you enjoyed reading through the analysis. If you would like to read more about the roadmap, visit this link:

As always, I am not a financial advisor. Please do your own due diligence before making a decision based on my thread, as I am not responsible or liable for your investment decisions.

WAGMI frens 🚀

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Written by   10
8 months ago
Topics: Metaverse, NFT, ETH, Web3, Artist
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