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Why Non-Fungible People is primed for takeoff

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4 months ago

This post was originally published on my Twitter account.

About a month ago, I wrote about Non-Fungible People (NFP), a women-led 3D NFT project that at the time, I thought would reach unprecedented heights upon public mint.

I mean, the project has EVERYTHING going for it, including:

  • A multi-billion dollar company backing the project (Tafi)

  • A cutting-edge 3D studio in charge of the collection (Daz3D)

  • Partnerships and collabs with well-known companies like Champion, CloneX, Stellar X, and Louis Monet

  • Bad-ass 3D avatars empowering women from every walk of life

  • 40k Discord members + 21k Twitter followers

  • Clean merch

  • Utility kits, allowing owners to deploy their 3D avatar to livestreams, 3D softwares, and game engines (partners include Daz3D, Unity, Unreal, Blender, & more)

  • Daz Studio Software tutorials

  • Customization of your NFP to your liking

And more!

I was shocked when it took almost a week to sell out. How can a project that arguably has some of the best real-time utility in the space not sell out after mint?

I couldn't believe it. Copy/paste NFT collections are skyrocketing for no good reason. This project is a gem amongst a sea of derivative NFTs.

Well, today may just be your lucky day. A catalyst is taking place tomorrow, and with the project's leadership, partnerships, and utility, we could see NFP reach blue-chip status.

Let me break it down for you.

For one, NFP has yet to be revealed. So set an alarm, as tomorrow (January 18th) at 6pm EST, NFPs will finally be showcased in all their glory and built-up hype.

I wholeheartedly believe that an initial pump will be followed by a dump, then an upward trend throughout the year. NFP is a long-term play, no doubt about that.

First, whales will likely sell off their common NFPs to de-risk their position. Then we'll see a surge in price. Of course, this is a prediction, but the low outstanding supply and healthy pumps leading up to the reveal are all signs of sustained growth.

We may not feel the impact of the initial dump though. Why do I say this?

The team has done a tremendous job in encouraging holders to diamond hand their NFP, even after reveal. Diamond Hands Club members will be eligible for special giveaways, drops, and other benefits.

From a quick glance at their OpenSea collection, only 200 NFPs are listed. I've never seen such a low number of project listings before 😮

And as we all know by now, as more individuals delist, the floor price tends to rise as outstanding supply drops.


Take a look at this chart. It may not be the prettiest, but it demonstrates to me that NFP is ready for takeoff.

You got two weeks of consolidation, followed by a pump on the 13th from recent news involving major partnerships and the introduction of the Diamond Hands Club.


Now take a look at the price action of Alien Frens. You can see that it followed the same trend as NFP, but the difference is that Alien Frens got the good ol' Gary Vee treatment.

Those who've been making NFT plays for more than a minute know that it's almost a requirement to have Gary Vee's notis on, as whenever he tweets about an NFT, it's pretty much guaranteed to pump.

NFP doesn't have the support of Gary Vee (yet). But what it does have is the endorsements of famous figures, blue chips, and market leaders.

I could go on and on about NFP, but quite frankly, this project shouldn't be valued at Ξ0.5. It has too much going for it.

As always, please DYOR as this is NFA.

WAGMI frens 🥂

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Written by   10
4 months ago
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