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Tronwars: Bionicles in the Metaverse?

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4 months ago
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Hello everyone! Today I'll be talking about Tronwars, a 3D NFT collection on the up and up. I believe this project will be great once minting occurs in Q1 2022 because of the sophisticated, Bionicle-like art and the emphasis on expanding into the metaverse once the NFTs are established.

What is Tronwars?

Before I get into the project, I would like to notify you that it is still in its early stages. There has been no date set for minting as of yet, and apart from the sneak peeks we've gotten through Twitter, there isn't much else backing this collection at the moment. So be wary of any announcements in their Discord.

Besides this, I believe Tronwars will be a ground-breaking NFT with utility inside the metaverse.

Tronwars is a unique collection of three clans with a backstory based on sci-fi-esque lore. First, you got the Ninjas, the rulers of our galaxy, followed by the lower-class Robots and Samurais.

There still isn't much information about the story behind the TronVerse, but there have been glimpses here and there:

I'm personally a huge fan of sci-fi and used to play with Bionicles as a kid. I can't wait to read into the Tronwars lore when more is revealed.


The team will be announcing the minting price and potential partners soon enough. They have already established that one of their main goals is to

become a reference in the world of NFTs and video games in the future.

During Q2 2022, holders of legendary Trons will receive a 3D-printed, human-size character of high-quality material. I bet the secondary market price of the legendary NFTs will go for a ridiculous amount of ETH.

Don't be a Debbie Downer if you aren't able to get your hands on a legendary Tron. The team plans to reward regular Tron holders with BabyTrons, a free collection of randomized 3D NFTs as seen above. Even common Tron holders will have the chance to receive a legendary BabyTron.

Merch drops and other goods will be released during this quarter to holders of the NFT. There is currently no information on the merch drop.

Q3 2022 will be the most hyped timeframe for the TronVerse.

This quarter will also bring a couple of other benefits to the community. First, it seems like they want to go down the DAO path as the NFTverse has already established this is a crucial stage in the development of Web 3.0. If they pull it off, we will have a completely decentralized TronVerse with a democratic voting system for the future of Tronwars.

Furthermore, a holders private investment program will be created during this period. Initiatives like this program and a Tronwars DAO convey how much thought the team is putting into the community.

Through the program, holders will have access to financial resources for their entrepreneurial projects inside the crypto ecosystem. As listed on the website:

If you want to start an entrepreneurial project, purchase real estate or any other type of project related to the blockchain world, we will be there to support you with a substantial capital contribution and we will put you in touch with our most prestigious partners.

I have yet to see something like this in other NFT projects!

In Q4 2022, Tronwars will implement itself into various metaverse ecosystems. Maybe we'll see it inside of Unity or gaming metaverses like Decentraland! I recommend you look at this awesome video showing off the creation process for Tronwars NFTs. It is truly remarkable.

Maybe Tronwars will go down the Non-Fungible People route by partnering with a 3D studio armed with the capabilities in customizing your Tron to your liking. Who knows.

And as with any other NFT project, Tronwars will be hosting private events for Tron holders. I foresee an event filled with entrepreneurs and sci-fi enthusiasts networking over their Trons.

The team

The team is small yet experienced.

Nicolas Baratto, the creator of Tronwars, is a computer security engineer with four years in the field. He has been working on blockchain projects for the past three years, and his knowledge in the area has helped him define a Unique Value Proposition (UVP) for Tronwars.

Michael Weisheim is more well-known in the 3D graphic design field. He is incredibly talented and has applied his skills by founding RaidMask, a cosplay company specializing in printables and entertainment props.

What I like about the doxxed team is their transparency and open-minded approach to the TronVerse.

For example, the community requested representation of women in the TronVerse, and they delivered! Therefore, a small portion of the supply will be reserved for Female Trons.

One last thing: How are their Twitter and Discord?

Although the Twitter page is still pretty small for a project of this magnitude, the engagement proves that the NFT sphere is backing the collection.

The Discord server on the other hand has 53,000 members!

If you can get your hands on a WL spot, I can guarantee you will be able to flip your NFT for quite a bit of ETH. Personally though, I don't think this project is meant for flipping. The utility it offers is just too much to pass on, especially if you are an entrepreneur, or even if you want to look cool inside of the metaverse.

I'll post updates on my Twitter and once there are more updates on the project's roll-out.


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Written by   10
4 months ago
Topics: NFT, NFTs, ETH, Artist, Metaverse, ...
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