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Invisible Friends: A Breakthrough in Animated NFTs

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4 months ago

The NFT craze isn't over yet! Projects like @alienfrens and @CrazyBabiesNFT have been popping off upon public mint and even days after public sale.

NFT trading strategies have changed over time. Floor prices used to be much lower and getting into whitelists (WL) wasn't a priority as the secondary market wasn't as congested as it is now.

So what's changed? Well, with more and more people joining NFT communities across Twitter and Discord, WL are now essential for minting artwork, collectibles, and other NFTs.

Getting into WLs can be tricky, though. Most of the time, it's dependent on several factors like your contribution to the community and your luck in giveaways.

In this article, I'll be talking about Invisible Friends, an animated generative collection set for mining in mid to late January. Hopefully, this gives you enough time to work your way into the project's WL.

What's the project about?

I'm stoked about this collection. Not only is the animation style eccentric and unique, but the approach to the project is what has been hyping me up.

Invisible Friends is a project that is part of the "Random Character Collective," a community with two other hot projects under its belt. They are behind popular animated collectibles like Mood Rollers and Slim Hoods.

The team consists of @lucas_zanatto, @slimjimstudios, and @MotionMarkus, the creator of Invisible Friends. These three talented artists saw a lack of animated projects in the NFT sphere and hope to build a foundation of creatives within the animated NFT community.

Their approach is primarily based on putting art first; utility is non-existent for this project. You could argue that utility is derived from the projected increase in floor price of the drop, not for the value it can bring users inside of a metaverse like with the other projects I've spoken about in the past.

In this case, buying in could potentially be beneficial for the holder of this NFT since they could sell it for a profit after minting.

This argument is further supported by the limited supply of 5,000 set for minting in mid to late January. As I've said before, low supply is a critical component of a high floor price.

Another factor affecting the price is the demand for the NFT, which can be measured through their Discord and Twitter communities.

Invisible Friends has grown a community of 105k followers on Twitter and 83k on Discord since November 2021. It isn't just bots either. Their community spaces are filled with meaningful messages from supporters. A bullish indicator of future success!

Merch drops are also in the works! Take a look here:

Source: Random Character Collective Discord

What's the verdict?

I will try my best to get whitelisted for this project, as I love the artwork and would love to hold onto it just for my own viewing pleasure.

There's something more to the collection that I didn't mention: The team is collaborating with @nguyenhut_art, the creator behind Clay Boys, an exclusive and cute animation style with only 12 holders!

Eventually, the team will be working towards a 3D clay collection. It feels like we're phasing out of the PFP and JPG movement and phasing into the 3D NFT hype.

Check out the project's Twitter for more information.


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I am not a financial advisor. Please do your own due diligence before making a decision based on my article, as I am not responsible or liable for your investment decisions.

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4 months ago
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