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Early whitelist opportunities (01/18)

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3 months ago

This post was originally published on my Twitter account.


Over the past couple of weeks, the NFT industry has been doing phenomenal, continuously breaking sales volume day-in and day-out.

Even with all the incoming traffic blowing up gas fees and slowing transaction times, it seems like the industry will continue on its bull run. China’s legalization of NFTs (albeit, crypto is still banned) may be the cherry on top for the mass adoption of NFTs.

In this new series, instead of writing about one NFT project with long-term potential, I’ll be providing a list of early projects with WL/mint-list opportunities and other bits of crucial information.

Let’s get straight into it.

Turtle Town (@TurtleTownNFT)

  • Discord: Closed, 708 members

  • Twitter: 843 followers

  • Mint date: February, date is TBA

  • Mint price: Free mint for first 1,000 items

  • Public mint: Ξ0.025

  • How to get WL: Play a fishing game that’s based on RNG. Whenever you get 4 points, you can buy bait that will increase your chances of fishing a turtle. Once you catch & release a turtle, you will be granted WL.

  • Supply: 10,000

  • Drop mechanic: WL mint then public mint

Why I'm bullish on this project

It’s still early to predict how well this project will do, as it requires a more complete roadmap and real-time utility. Right now, it’s a one-man team, so don’t expect it to blow up in social presence anytime soon.

I will say that I enjoy the artwork and the closed Discord server. The artwork follows the cute PFP trend that has proven its worth with collections like Alien Frens and CryptoMories.

The dev’s mission is to create a lively community that stands with Turtle Town’s environmentally-friendly cause. So you may as well give the project a shot and try to get whitelisted ASAP.

Cloud Friends (@CloudFriendsNFT)

  • Discord: Closed, 5.1k members. Allowing 100 people per day into the server via Twitter posts.

  • Twitter: 737 followers

  • Mint date: Spring 2022, date is TBA

  • Mint price: TBA

  • Public mint: TBA

  • How to get WL: 973 spots available. Be active on Twitter, share invite tweets, and chat with community members in the Discord. Can also just reach level 10 in the Discord.

  • Supply: TBA

  • Drop mechanic: TBA

Why I'm bullish on this project

Another project that may be too early to tell if it will succeed in the NFT market. Whitelist is relatively easy to get, just have to be active in the community and you’ll get level 10 in no time.

The artwork is unique for a PFP collection. The devs have yet to release a roadmap, but I would be perfectly fine with a simple roadmap honed in on the artwork. It does not have to include utility through DAOs, metaverse integrations, or the likes.

Instead, I would cherish community events and networking opportunities. I've noticed that with cute PFP collections, community-building is key. People really don't care about V2 utility with this trend.

Women Tribue (@WomenTribue_nfts)

  • Discord: Open, 3.8k members

  • Twitter: 5.5k followers

  • Pre-sale date: Feb 15

  • Public sale date: Feb 19

  • Mint price: Ξ0.04

  • How to get WL: Be active, must get recognized by mods. They’re also hosting contests on Twitter for guaranteed spots.

  • Supply: 10,000

  • Drop mechanic: Pre-sale then public sale

Why I'm bullish on this project

In terms of artwork, this is by far my favourite on the list. Each NFT was algorithmically generated from over 900 hand-drawn traits. In addition, there are ten 1/1 women featuring short tracks from known musicians.

100% of secondary sales royalties will go to ten charities. The roadmap includes utility amongst charitable donations, a community wallet, merch, the development of an app, and a Women Tribe Scholarship program.

It may be challenging to get whitelisted for this project, but I'd wager that it has the highest chance to break through the crowded NFT market. Women-empowering NFTs are currently trending, and I believe they will continue to overtake the market for several months.

Broken Machina (@brokenmachina)

  • Discord: Open, 8.8k members

  • Twitter: 1.7k followers

  • Pre-sale date: Feb 03

  • Public sale date: Feb 04

  • Mint price: TBA

  • How to get WL: Free whitelist at the moment! Just post proof in their #whitelist-claim channel and you’ll be awarded WL.

  • Supply: 10,000… 5,000 Machinas and 5,000 Broken Humans

  • Drop mechanic: Pre-sale then public sale

Why I'm bullish on this project

Another hand-drawn collection comprised of diversified artwork. This project is a bit further down the road than some of the others on this list, but it’s showing promising community growth and a solid vision.

I think the most exciting feature of this NFT it’s community-led mission to create a playable P2E game with social interaction as a requirement to level up and earn more. The game will come with its own monetary token ($ORE).

Final comments

Hopefully, you're able to get WL'd for one of these projects. I believe WL is one of the strongest methods to take profits and build your liquidity. If the project is hyped-up and backed by a supportive community, then floor price will almost always push up right after mint.

As always, this is NFA and please DYOR before making any decisions based on this article/thread. Cheers 🥂

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Written by   10
3 months ago
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