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Dracos are on the come up

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8 months ago

It's rare I stumble upon a community that shares all the qualities of my main alpha servers and most active cliques. There are numerous checkboxes that need to be ticked off to pass my rigorous test.

All in all, I'm probably just like you. I don't have enough time to sit in front of the computer all day due to lousy constraints (joking) like work and university.

Therefore, by hand-picking a couple of servers to either work on WL requirements, help build fundamental relationships, establish a core group of community members (aka the OGs), and/or pass my marketing knowledge if needed, I can alleviate the risk of failure and increase my chances to secure a bag upon mint.

Today I'll be talking about Dracoverse, one of the communities that holds a special place in my central Discord chatting hub. I love everything about this project and cannot wait for the TBA mint date.

Enough of the unnecessary chit-chat—let's dive into the project.

What's Dracoverse?

Before I get started, I want to point out that Dracoverse is still in early development. Although the artwork is nearly complete, it still has a way to go. The dev team has been working with all hands on deck, finalizing key components like the website, OpenSea account, mint price and mint date, and roadmap mechanics.

Now that that's out of the way, let's continue.

Dracoverse is a pixelated PFP NFT project containing 4,444 Dracos in its genesis collection (also known as a project's first collection).

The artwork is fresh. The pixelated style combined with dragons as the source of the subject can be described in one word: Sensational. Props if you know where that's from.

Real talk though—I'm hyped about this drop from the constant uploads in the sneak peeks channel. I guarantee there will be a Draco for everyone's taste. On the one hand, you have a sparkly Draco with a pink background. If that's your cup of tea, you may just be in luck.

On the other hand, a demonish Draco with fiery eyes is waiting to become your pet. Soon we'll all be riding our Dracos in the metaverse, reenacting Daenerys Targaryen's epic (or cruel, for all the matters) narrative arch.

But it doesn't end there. Even though I said the project is still in development, the artwork is ahead of the curve. Peep the lil' baby Draco:

Sooo cute. I cherish projects that release a baby version of their genesis collection. Wulfz did the exact same thing, and by the looks of it, it was the right move to keep the project relevant.

So how will you be able to get your hands on a baby Draco? Is there a specific requirement you must meet, or can you pick it up upon mint?

This is a perfect time to get into the nitty-gritty!


Again, I want to point out that the roadmap is still in its initial stages. The information is there, it's just that it isn't as detailed and comprehensive as some other projects currently on the market.

$DRA token is a central piece of the roadmap. It is a non-monetary, utility token that will be awarded to those who hold genesis Dracos. From what it seems, the "staking" feature won't actually require staking. Instead, holders will earn $DRA by not listing their Draco.

There are pros and cons to awarding tokens via staking or holding. For one, holding doesn't require any gas fees, as you aren't performing another transaction on the network to stake your Draco.

Gas fees haven't been going down for the past couple of weeks, so this pushes accessibility as a feature of the Dracoverse. An excellent opportunity for roping-in newcomers and luring newbie NFT members into the pact.

The disadvantage of holding is that it doesn't encourage a supply shock as effectively as staking. This occurs because stakers put more skin in the game than holders by paying gas fees.

Suffice to say that investors don't see it as a hurdle for their NFT's growth; Instead, staking warrants a rapid floor increase—at least in the eyes of stakers.

Another problem with staking is that it doesn't work well with the project's OpenSea page. Take a look here:

The numbers don't add up. There's more than a 50% holding ratio (63% Wulfz staked is insane btw), yet OpenSea shows that Wulfz is almost entirely liquid with 1.3k owners out of the 5.6k items. As Wulfz are staked, it's like they're being removed from the collection, even though technically, they're not.

With holding instead of staking, this wouldn't happen.

Just like with Wulfz, once you collect a certain amount of $DRA, you will be able to adopt your own baby Draco. How cool is that?

Breeding will also be introduced, though I don't know how that will work. Will you be able to breed Dracos with other Dracos to reveal their final form? Who knows. There's more exciting news to come.

One thing that caught my eye is that down the road, while accumulating $DRA and reaching a certain threshold, you will have the capacity to unveil your Draco Knight. Draco Knights will have completely different traits & aesthetics compared to the genesis Draco & baby Draco.

Unfortunately, there haven't been any sneak peeks of the Draco Knight, but I think that's for the best. An element of surprise is always welcome.

Adding onto the three collections prepped for takeoff in the coming months, the Dracoverse team is looking to release a 3D, voxel-based collection tailor-made for metaverse initiatives like The Sandbox and Worldwide Webb Land. I wasn't kidding when I said we could potentially ride our Dracos in the metaverse.


So let's be real here. The artwork is spectacular and well-thought-out. The team has it in the bag. Like I've previously stated, artwork can carry projects lacking in-depth roadmaps and other components like utility.

I can confidently say that this isn't the case for Dracoverse. There's utility, and it's already here. It's the reason why It's part of my main group of active Discord servers.


It's hard to find real-time utility in the expanding world of NFTs. On top of this, utility is dependent on what the individual values. Utility for people who don't have the slightest bit of interest in NFTs probably comes in the form of improvements to their quality of life, additional income, or satisfaction of their social needs.

For NFT collectors,g amers, and developers, utility can be established through NFT integrations in the metaverse, application to software and game engines, exclusive Discord communities, and more.

Although Dracoverse doesn't offer the utility NFT outsiders may find attractive, it does excel in two aspects.

First, a stream of high-quality alpha is provided to Dracoverse community members by Dryzle: Dracoverse's very own NFT analyst. The alpha ranges from extensive project analysis, voted by the community, or insights into up-and-coming collections.

Above is an example of Dryzle's analysis. I've taken profits from some of his alpha calls after conducting DD apart from his recommendations of course. I've also landed easy whitelist spots from his alpha.

He's always sending out invites for closed Discord communities. This is a chance for you to build a portfolio of winning NFTs!

Next up: Giveaways. Almost every project collaborates with other projects to help retain community members. Giveaways are a tool to not only win WL spots, NFTs, and other cool features from like-minded collections, but it's also a chance to learn about NFTs you may not have known about.

It's all about creating a snowball effect for yourself in the NFTverse. The more WL and free NFTs, the more liquidity you'll obtain over time. It's that simple, but it just involves patience on your part. This stuff takes months or even years.

Let's end off with my favourite part of the server: The Draco Marketplace.

With the Draco Marketplace, you can earn Draco coins (which can only be used in the server) by using commands every 4 hours in one of the channels. Commands include working, prostituting yourself, committing a crime, or robbing community members who haven't deposited their money.

You can also earn money by gambling in the 'nino. That's right, roll the dice in roulette and bet on black, or maybe try your luck in blackjack. Along with other community members, I have formed a pact to only go all-in every time.

Is that smart? No. Is it fun? Hell yeah.

Oh, you can also spend your money on chickens for cock fighting. I haven't experimented with the feature, but I know some Dracos vibe with this.

Draco coins have a use apart from winning non-monetary tokens. You'll be able bid or purchase for whitelists spots in the server (and I've seen this occur with a handful of members), free mints for legendary items, and partnered whitelist spots.

I can't wait to see the free mints and partnered whitelists spots in action.


Dracoverse has everything going for it right now. A genesis collection, a baby collection, Draco Knights, NFT utility via alpha, giveaways, and earning Draco coins, supply shock mechanics, and a growing community.

Although the mint date is TBA, I'd recommend you join the Discord and introduce yourself. Also, start building up a Draco coin fund, get whitelisted, and continue building your fund to bid for future legendary Dracos and partnered whitelists.

That's it from me! I hope you enjoyed the read.

As always, WAGMI frens ✌️

I am not a financial advisor. Please do your own due diligence before making a decision based on my article, as I am not responsible or liable for your investment decisions.

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Written by   10
8 months ago
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