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Character Sketch(Epitome of Junzi)

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1 year ago

Hello fellas!! It’s Tuesday, July 27,2021. Another brain storming to create an article today. hehehe. I don’t know what should I write. But, suddenly, it pop out to my mind this kind of activity. CHARACTER SKETCH.This kind of Activity is very simple. We will describe a person whom you consider as an epitome of Junzi. But, before that.. I will explain to you what is the meaning of EPITOME of JUNZI.

To Confucius, the junzi sustained the functions of government and social stratification through his ethical values. Despite its literal meaning, any righteous man willing to improve himself can become a junzi.

According to the These are the Seven (7) qualities of junzi. Leadership have been highlighted including:

  • a high degree of moral accomplishment

  • an awareness of moral obligation

  • a consciousness of being human

  • a passion for social harmony

  • an integration of self and others

  • an illustration of transformation,and

  • a state of balance

--Remember that this can be a man or a woman. We should need to provide a brief description of him or her and discuss how he or she has exemplified the ideal qualities of a Junzi. --

This is the guide in writing Character Sketch.

  • In Paragraph One: Name, age, physical appearance, style of dress

  • Paragraph Two: family, family background, home, friends

  • Paragraph Three: character traits-personality with evidence

  • Paragraph Four: likes and dislikes of the character

  • Paragraph Five: feelings, voice, fears, values, and behaviour that exemplified the ideal qualities of a Junzi.

So, this is the character I sketch....P.S. I'm not god in sketching. Hahaha. Lol

Her name is Min Sua Yuna. She was 19 years old. She was a beautiful young lady and a lot of men that surrounds her attract on her pure beauty. She is tall, skinny with a blue shined eyes and a long brown hair. Her skin was white as a snow. (sanaol) Usually wears a purple simple dress and a pair of boots with a mini bag on her side.She came from a rich family, and the only daughter of Mr. and Mrs, Yuna. She’s so lovely and close to her parents. Her mom owns a big business and her dad was the CEO of the company. When she was 15 until 17 years old, she don’t have friends and always lonely. But, when she turns into 18 she met a true friends, named Curly and Ana. Currently, she was a college student and she has two close friends that always there to help her and treat each other as sisters since she was the only child.Her personality was a very shy girl, but she loves to help other people especially children. She try to boost her self-confident to become a good influencer to others. When she was young even though she don’t have friends but she always gave her old toys and dress to the orphanage and street children. Her parents mold her to be kind and helpful child and to be a good moral leader to all.

Evidence # 1:

Min Sua was a very quite girl. You don’t even know that she’s already in your side.

(Parang siya, Yung ka chat mo kagabi. Tapos, pagka bukas. Di na nagreply. HAHAHA. chourrrr)

Evidence # 2:

She always gave her old toys and help children in orphanage. She’s very loving and kind person.

Min Sua dislike people who don’t appreciates her presence, those persons who bullies other people and a person who always shouts. If she saw a child or children who was bullied, she always talk and try to solve the problem. She likes to eat sweet foods and macaroni. She loved to hang out with her friends and go to the orphanage to visit children and bring foods to them. As the years has passed by, she love to serve people and create actions for the betterment of her society.She has a feeling to become a nun or a political leader to help other people and to change the society into the better place. Her voice changed after a months, it become bold and she used her voice to voice out the rights of the victims, her biggest fear is to waste her hardworks and efforts for her community and society. Min Sua is the perfect epitome of a Junzi, because she values every people in her society, she speaks for the rights of the victims and tried to change the world into the better one. She have the qualities of Junzi because, she was aware of her moral obligation, has consciousness of being human, a passion for social harmony, an integration of self and others, an illustration of transformation, and a state of balance.

She is really knowledgeable and always thinks the goodness of others and tried her best to stand, to act and to become a good moral influencer to the community.


That's my Character Sketch (Epitome of Junzi).. I hope I write it well. Sorry for the errors. Hehe.

Thank You for Reading. Now, its your turn to take this activity. :) Goodluck!


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Written by   50
1 year ago
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