🌳Joining the trend, #landscaperestoration style!

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HOW IT STARTED 🌳Joining the trend, #landscaperestoration style! In the 1990's, Masungi's limestone formations and forests were devasted by rampant logging and land speculation, among others. Every day, you could hear the sound of chainsaws cutting down trees.⚠️ Thankfully, the area became part of a joint venture project between the DENR and Masungi Georeserve Foundation's mother company, Blue Star, leading to sustained protection of the threatened landscape for over twenty years! 🙏 A secondary forest has now grown undisturbed and hundreds of different wildlife have started to return. Instead of chainsaws, you can now hear the sweet songs of birds. 🕊️ We continue to research with scientists on unique and site-endemic species, such as the #NewMasungiSnail, that have made the limestone forest their sanctuary! 🐌 #SaveMasungi

Sign the petition to support the conservation and restoration project and stop any plans of quarrying in the area: bit.ly/savemasungi 🙌

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