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the photographic memory - infallible and unequalled - Magic Moments

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1 year ago

One of the wonders of technology has been to create the camera, through them we can capture moments, which we can remember every moment just by looking at the photo that has been captured, at least that's how it has happened to me. Whenever I take pictures I do it with several intentions, the main one, to be able to relive that moment over and over again.

For my husband it is normal to see me taking pictures of everything and sometimes nobody even notices when I do it, people are just surprised and say, "OHH and when did I take the picture?", maybe this is the best way to be able to carry the best essence of things, since they are in their natural state.

This photograph is special for me, it was one of my best, my 15th birthday, that birthday I can remember everything exactly, starting with this arrangement that was made by a godmother who today is no longer in this world, so really without thinking about that night I took a photo that emotionally takes me to that day in which my godmother now deceased made with much love for me. The way in which we can appreciate a photo will depend on the extent to which it is rooted in us, what I mean, is that feelings we remember that photo, usually are happy moments, moments that have been special and that have marked a before and after in our lives,

It is also easy to remember that day, because they were the most special people, the closest, usually, whenever I have a meeting, I am the one who starts taking pictures, my friends say I'm a bit manic with that but the truth of it all is that for me a photo represents the immortalization of an event or even a person, perhaps for our mind is difficult to remember with precision some fact, with photographs everything is much more real, because just by looking at a photo and we will have a sea of images of that moment.

Another important fact about this day was to be able to have my grandparents together for the last time, something that does not happen very often because of how difficult it is to have both grandparents alive after 15 years, in most cases a grandparent has passed away, to my happiness I still had my two beloved grandparents alive and I could enjoy both of them on that special day.

In my photographic memory is the portrait of my grandmother, that kind and generous woman, who was always there for me, her advice and scolding I always carry with me, part of what I am today is thanks to her, perhaps at that time I was still very immature but as the years went by I understood how important all that advice was.

My grandmother could spend all day sewing, in my mind there were a lot of questions, why sew so much? I didn't really know why she did it, I thought many times because it was her way of spending the day or, that it was normal and that was what grandparents always did but, one day I decided to ask her and she was very accurate when she answered, "Son what I do has more meaning for me, all because they are clothes that will be used by you my grandchildren, besides if tomorrow I am no longer with you, then you will have something to remember" what she didn't know was that I also got something without knowing about her, it was that spectacular photo in that garden.

If it's about memory, looking through my photographs, remembering that moment, smiling or crying, everything has become so practical that to be happy or sad you only need to look at a photo. As emotional beings and like an archive our memory stores every memory and saves, perhaps some photographs in our memory over time will lose meaning, this happens because we let the images lose and gradually this is distorted in our memory, what a photograph does is always keep that photo as it is, it will last throughout eternity and as long as it is preserved in good condition that portrait will always be the same.

"I am a very romantic woman, sometimes a little melancholic, part of my personality is like that, for my husband it is normal to observe and see me smile when I remember photos and events that have happened, what is not normal for him is when I don't do it, it is a strange way of always wanting to keep moments that have happened in my memory intact, maybe it is bad, maybe I am wrong, what is certain is that it has become an obsession to always keep me looking at photos".

My nephew Junior is one of my favourites, I took this picture in a football game, kids are usually very hyperactive, my nephew is no different, that's why my brother and his wife said to put him to play football, the best idea they could come up with. Junior drains all that energy through play and the best thing is that he does it and at the same time has fun and learns to have a better interaction with his peers.

A child's abilities are in constant development, I consider sport to be fundamental at this stage, because it prepares the child, how? through practice, interaction with other people and in this way he acquires a greater knowledge of the world around him, not only that he learns to understand many things and to take his own answers to so many unknowns. For me Junior is in the best stage to learn and enjoy at the same time, take all that energy and transform it into something positive, create habits, develop character and also dedication, that sense of life that at some point will be the one that will keep the balance in Junior's life.


Observing a photograph can give us different perceptions according to the thought that we have or maybe even the same emotion that we can feel, in my case, I see this photograph and I observe a child being very happy, maybe it is because he is playing and sharing with other children or, it can also be because it is the sport that calls his attention or, maybe because he likes to run and feel free and when he practices he feels that way. What I am trying to explain is that when we see a photograph we can have different perceptions of what really is or has happened with that person, the only thing that is certain is that that person captures that moment and marks it for life in a photograph and if you ask me, what I appreciate in that photograph is absolute happiness.

For photography you just have to learn to read the gestures, so we can identify the emotion that the person feels at the moment, so we connect with the photograph or maybe that's the way I do it.

Here we have a beautiful specimen Phasianidae we talk about a female of the famous peacock! a bird that for decades has been domesticated by us! It's great beauty and its feathers have served as inspiration for us! we have created with it from movies to carnival costumes!. In reproductive season they are usually aggressive and territorial, otherwise it is a quiet bird, it is native to South Asia but it is already distributed throughout the world! very common in parks and places with animal contact!

And this is the famous feathered one that all the feathered ones talk about ... The most beautiful and elegant! That's right ... It's about the male of the species! I was flattered for letting these photos be taken! There is some information that you didn't know about these beautiful birds, for example the male peacock is one of the most beautiful on the planet.

The only thing that avoided expanding the species were the mountains, the peacock is the largest flying bird on earth! Although it does not stand out for its ability to fly, when threatened they manage to take off and go to the trees! Remember that the bird from head to tail measures 2 meters and can easily weigh 2 kilos!

Another very interesting fact is that the peacock for many years in ancient times was used to eliminate snakes, and that is that the bird has the ability to kill snakes like a cobra! so they are great biological controllers! and many ancient populations used it to keep the roads snake-free.


I have lived many beautiful things with my (child, prince, puppy), before he slept with me, once I got married and had my son that changed, but the most beautiful thing for me has been that my pet is now my son's pet , and he says wow, my baby is only 1 year old.

On one occasion we received a visit at home, we were all distracted and the dog had gone out into the street at that moment a couple grabbed it and without asking anything they took it away, when we realized that my dog was not at home we were scared, I had a variety of feelings just thinking that my child had lost me and I would not see him again, one of the children of my neighbors told me who had taken the dog but I could not identify the people with his explanation, it was 3 days of search and sadness for me.

On the fourth day my neighbor comes home and all desperate tells us that she had seen my puppy in the neighboring sector, in a corner all scared, my mother along with my father went to look for him I took care of my son who was only 3 months old When I was born, my mother tells me that when she got it she was happy and yelled PRINCE and the scared dog ran in the opposite direction, but stopped, turned and when she realized that they were their owners, she jumped with happiness towards my mother's arms. , my child was dirty and hungry, my heart was happy to see him returned home, and he ran everywhere very happy, since then we have been much more careful

He loves to stand on 2 legs and jump up and down, he does funny pirouettes that we have all taught him, he learns very quickly and I am surprised how intelligent he can be.

We have never had problems when it comes to eating, we get used to everything, of course avoiding things that could harm him, the rest of what we usually eat he also eats, he loves the cereal that I give my son, when I'm preparing he goes crazy to run around the house happy because he knows that he also has his share. My son likes to share his cookies and chocolates with the child and the dog doesn't mind that.

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Written by   11
1 year ago
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For me life is a photograph and everything makes sense just to capture the moment, that's how this marvel of technology works.

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1 year ago

You are so right, wise words my dear friend

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1 year ago