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sharing with my nieces

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1 year ago

hello dear colleagues of, today I want to share with you a family day, although every day we have the opportunity to take advantage and spend family time at home very little we do, so we have decided to do something different, go for a walk with my nieces since most of the day my husband and I are busy, change of routine helps us to spend more time with our beloved girls, although we still do not have the blessing of a son, my nieces for me are the biggest and most beautiful of the aunt, so it is not bad to take advantage and spend part of the day with them.

my greatest joy is undoubtedly to see the happy faces of my two nieces, today, they are the biggest thing I have, even though they are not my daughters it is as if they were, spending a day in the park helped my husband and I to drain after weeks so strong and full of stress, In every family it is normal to see them spend a day in the park, for us it doesn't change much, the girls have the opportunity to go out and enjoy, laugh and have fun, leaving the monotony of every day and also preventing them from being bored at home without being able to do anything.

I could laugh too much, with these two wonderful people, after walking and cycling around the park, we decided to stop and start taking pictures for the album of my dear Camila, she is the little one in pink, she is the youngest of the two sisters and the most tremendous, on the other hand, Oriana is much calmer and is the oldest of the sisters. They are very stimulated girls who spend most of the day with older people as my sister and her husband do not go out much, the mentality that these girls have is that of a teenager despite being so young, this is due to their constant contact with older people and infrequently with children of their age.

I don't agree with this, because children have the right to live their stages, these two beautiful girls have the right to share with children of their age and interact and learn with each other, learn to socialize and play with each other, so every time I can I try to take them both out and put them in contact with children of their age, this time I did it here in the park, where they met children of their age and enjoyed a different afternoon. If I don't have children I will be that spoiled aunt and the one who is with her nieces at all times, plus for me it is an honour to be able to share with them and also to spend time where we can both learn from talking to each other.

I finished tired after so many bike rides and the girls still had energy, I think I'm getting older haha, the kids have all that energy accumulated and just want to keep riding, while I just wanted to stop and rest, it's not easy to compete with kids because they have full energy and it's really not the same for someone who works every day and has such a busy life like mine.

The best part of going out with my girls is seeing how they have fun and feeling the joy that can be seen on their faces, if it were up to me I would invite them every day for a walk, but work really consumes me, my mother always said that we should make time for everything, she was right, what I do not share with my sister is that she is totally different from me, she doesn't like to take the girls for a walk and the boys at that stage just want to go out and see, they have that hunger to know everything around them to experience different situations.

A family for me, should be united but it is also important that everyone involved has a unique connection, that bond that develops little by little through interaction and gets stronger as they grow up, at least that is my thinking, I really wish my nieces' parents would be more tactful with them. Taking advantage of every moment and their age is the most opportune thing to do.

"I as a mother should be totally different from my sister, I would seek to have a better relationship with my children and know and know everything about them, sometimes I notice that my sister does not know anything about her daughters and that makes me a little sad, as parents we should be more attentive to our children"

When I watch my nieces and nephews and observe and detail every gesture, how they position themselves and how they feel, I concluded that we as parents or adults must be more tactful with our children, nieces, nephews and grandchildren. We learn as much as they do, this interaction is if you like the most important at this stage where children are learning and experiencing so many things, they are like a pot that every day is being filled and that one day all that experience collected will help them to be a fully adult person, the value of this experience is vital, since everything they learn will be decisive, that is why I like my nieces to have that relationship with me, to be able to teach everything that can be taught.

Over the years I have learned that it is not the amount of material things that we can give our children, nor all the sweets, much less to please what they ask for, it all comes down to the simplest thing, that which is priceless but undoubtedly is everything for us because it is never recovered, I am talking about time, to devote time to our children, that is the difference between a healthy upbringing and an upbringing based on meaningless things devoid of affection.

Affection between children and their parents is 99% of the positive relationships between them, if a child has good communication with their parents and they also show that love through actions, then this relationship will be strengthened.


Every good day with my nieces had to end with a delicious lunch, so I decided to prepare one of their favourite dishes. An exquisite meat stew, which I will begin to detail the way I prepare it, it is simple and really tasty, so write it down well....

The main ingredients are:

  • ½ kilo of ground beef.

  • 2 medium potatoes.

  • 1 medium carrot.

  • Sofrito vegetables. (I will explain in detail later).

  • short spaghetti.

We start by peeling and cutting the carrot and potatoes into small cubes, this should be relatively easy and quick, the next thing we will need is to sauté the seasonings of our preference, in my case I already have a sofrito prepared beforehand, if you want to learn how to prepare and preserve the sofrito so that your stews are faster visit my post

We place a frying pan over medium heat, add a small splash of oil and proceed to add our sauce, or failing that if we do not have it prepared beforehand we would start preparing it, once it is fully cooked and splashing, it is time to add the carrots, potatoes and mix very well to evenly impregnate all the ingredients with oil, and to finish we add half a cup of water and continue mixing.

When the mixture boils, it is time to add the ground meat, crushing it with a spoon so that it integrates very well with the other ingredients, now it only remains to season to taste, in my case I added half a tablespoon of salt, a pinch of ground black pepper, a pinch of ground garlic and finally ground onoto that can be substituted by paprika.

It only remains to let cook until we notice that the potato breaks easily when touched with a spoon, this point is the ideal to serve, in case the stew is dry and even the potato is hard we can add a little more water until make it soften.

And now our rich stew is ready to serve and eat, I recommend sprinkling small pieces of chives on the plate, this in order to provide a more intense aroma and of course being pasta, any ripened cheese is well received, thanks for stopping by I hope that you liked my recipe, see you in the next post until next time.

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Written by   11
1 year ago
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