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In a garden I found beauty itself

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1 week ago

Hello dear friends, here I am again to share with you some beautiful photos of my grandmother's garden. Between colours and tastes there is a little bit of everything, at least that's how it seems to me. Nature knows how to amaze everyone by showing us how colourful it can be, there is no word that can describe the beauty of each plant as well as human beings, each plant is different and also in that way they are different from the rest of plants, since within a single garden there can be many varieties.

In my grandmother's house there is a great variety of plants, I was visiting and decided to capture different photos in a short time I was able to capture the beauty of many, some are a little strange and others are simply beautiful for their unparalleled charm. Between colours and leaves there is also a great variety, as you will see below you will be able to embellish the view and easily appreciate how a garden can dazzle your patio.

Among the flowers that stand out the most is this beautiful purple flower in it we can appreciate the simplicity and beauty, this beautiful plant knows how to captivate everyone leaving from the stem a huge spike that ends up opening in small purple flowers, which amazes everyone who passes by his side, the only bad thing about this flower is that it lasts a short time according to my grandmother between 2 and 3 days and something `positive is that after drying a flower another opens its petals again maintaining a century that lasts several days to have no more flowers to open.

This plant has great value in my grandmother's house, especially because the person who gave it to my grandmother does not live nearby and is not used to see it normally. Moreover, that same person is always in contact with my grandmother to know how her lovely flower is doing.

A flower in our house represents the beauty of nature and also someone who loves and respects it or at least my grandmother made me understand that. Flowers no matter what kind or any plant no matter how indifferent they may seem have great value in our lives.

They provide us with oxygen, an important task if you want to qualify as the most important thing about plants but not everything ends there, it is also these same plants that fill us with colours and bring beauty to our home, they also provide us with food of different varieties, demonstrating how important they are for human beings and also in their homes but they also serve us for medicines. So we can conclude that plants are fundamental to our lives, whether to beautify with their colours or leaves, whether to serve as medicines and even more importantly to provide oxygen, which is extremely vital for us..

Between the beauty of a flower and the beauty of a leaf, this plant has nothing to envy to others, its beauty has no equal, between the formation of its leaf and the colours that can be seen, it enchants whoever observes it and even more if you do it up close, you will want to see it for a while trying to appreciate the colours in its leaf or at least that happens to me almost always.

Among my grandmother's plants this one is very dear to her, it is a beautiful plant but also very delicate, in other times my grandmother used to have many of these plants but they ended up disappearing because of the intensity of the sun in these last years.

In order to preserve the few plants that she had left like this one, we had to open a kind of trench around the plant and water it twice a day in the morning and in the afternoon, in this way the plant manages to stay moist and cool to withstand the oppressive heat of the day.

As I said before each plant is different and as well as having its own charms some are more sensitive to the sun than others, usually flowering plants need the sun to be able to open their flowers easily but there are also other plants that prefer the humidity of the night to be able to open their petals. Others prefer the coldness of the shade to be able to subsist and so as I said each plant is different and has completely different characteristics.

If you look at the photo you can see how in the lower part you can see other plants growing, for my grandmother they are of great importance because of their rarity, to get them to reproduce and grow is a goal to achieve, this is because of the delicacy of the bush as I mentioned before.

we will continue walking through my grandmother's garden....

Here is another plant with charming leaves, as we can appreciate the difference between leaves is big, although they have one thing in common, their great attraction, the leaves of both plants are completely different only that they have colours that transform them, in this plant we can appreciate much more colours than in the previous one and if that was not enough, its leaf is much bigger than the other one. Another aspect also to emphasize is that the leaf has a completely different texture, then we can understand the great variety that exists between the plants, for many people the plants are all the same, for me each one is totally different and with a charm without equal.

People must learn to see plants as they really deserve to be seen, that is, each plant in any ecosystem has a role that will make a difference, either for its beauty, to provide food or serve as medicine, take care of each of them or not to intervene in them is the most beneficial for us as a species, to prevent plants like these disappear although it seems difficult is simple, the best way is to know how the plant is and in what climate it manages to stay healthy and beautiful, so we can transplant and also plant in places where they will be more likely to develop and evolve.

The Red Calla, a unique and majestic flower, for my grandmother is her favourite, this beautiful red flower is a very delicate or very sensitive plant, for my grandmother it was a challenge to make this plant grow and flower because it is a very sensitive plant and it must be kept in a balanced climate, not so cold but not so hot either.

A garden is known for its great variety of colours, also for having different plants so my grandmother has different calla lilies, she has red and white, both are beautiful and have been in that garden for years.

Coming to my grandmother's house is special, you can distract yourself by seeing the different flowers that abound there and how they have reproduced over the years. All thanks to the good care of my grandmother, the constant treatment and maintenance that she herself does, looking for fertilizer or looking for water to add to the garden, many people stop and look at it.

many people stop and look at this majestic flower and what most attracts their attention is the way it opens and the leafy colour that surrounds it.

In many markets we can find this flower and it is very easy to sell, as it is usually sought after as a table centrepiece or to be placed in a jar and serve as an attraction for the place.

How easy it can be to destroy an ecosystem but try to recreate one in your garden and you will see how difficult it is.

We can stop and think... Are we doing something to help nature? how many seeds have you sown? how many people have you made aware? questions like these are the ones we should ask ourselves every day, we all know the great beauty of nature, we all know how important it is for the whole world to maintain a healthy environment free of pollution but are we really doing our bit? I certainly think not, as a species we are really good at reproducing but conserving and appreciating the things we have around us we really suck!

Every flower, no matter how small it may be, every plant planted or born on its own is also worth, I would like to end with this thought.

"In a world where every day companies want to have more exploitation of different ecosystems, seeking to satisfy nothing more than their pockets, forgetting the importance of caring for every seed, plant and tree on earth, we must think in conscience, we must create campaigns capable of breaking chains, open eyes and seek solutions that bring welfare to our environment, we like to breathe clean air, we like to wake up and have one more day of life, then we must also give what we receive to our environment.

this little flower is white as the dawn of each day, yellow as the sun of each morning and beautiful, as each new day. let us seek to take care of what we have by inheritance .... Take care of yourselves.

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Written by   11
1 week ago
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Maintaining a small plant for many people is easy work, but the reality is different: taking care of a plant requires commitment and perseverance. Without lacking dedication

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