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Getting to know the Mountain (tiramuto) In Venezuela

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1 year ago

Good morning friends of the great community of, I am new here, I would like to start by sharing with you a journey that like me, I know you will like.

Whenever we want to travel and know has a reason, either because we like that special place or perhaps to get out of the daily routine, certainly having to repeat always the same is sad, it bores us and also depresses or, at least it happens to me, nothing better than inventing an unexpected exit to break with all those curses caused by the routine monotony.

This Saturday I was visiting a beautiful community, a place that like many I have visited is "magical" I qualify it this way because of how it makes us feel the moment we get there, it is interesting the change of aura, getting to that area changes everything, even the way we feel and perceive everything.

It can be the place, the tranquillity that can be felt, the sounds that can be heard, everything in that place conspires to make it totally magical and I'm not talking about fairy tales, I'm talking about a place visited by many tiramuto mountains.

It has a beautiful river that runs through much of the place, as you can see it has an excellent view, accompanied by a wonderful climate, at the time of arrival the first thing that occurred to me was to capture a photo, I thought it was not going to be anything good for the clarity of the sun, however it was great.

When you arrive at the place at first sight it seems to be neglected but after observing closely I managed to understand that the place is totally different from the rest, it is seen that the flora in that place is abundant, the great variety of vegetation that is around the river also gives us an idea that not many people pass through the place.

What connected me the most with the place was undoubtedly the sound of the water, listening to how it hits the rocks, how it flows and the majesty that it expresses is unparalleled. I could not get very close to the river bank because of the large amount of vegetation that exists in that place, so later on in the tour I had to make a stop to take a closer look at this beautiful river.

The water in that place has a greenish colour, I suppose it is because of the moss that exists there, what is crazy is how cold the water is in that place, I couldn't keep my hand under the water for more than 5 seconds because of how cold it is.

as you can see this beautiful panorama really is magical, the feeling of peace is priceless, our body in this place relaxes by the charms of this wonderful river, during my stop in this great dam formed by rocks and small stones, I observed a man who is seen in the distance, apparently if people live in places like this, what surprised me most was that he was in the water, fishing and not bothered by the coldness of the water, I guess it is the habit, in this photo I could also capture how the imposing sun is reflected in the water transforming the place.

it is worth to come to know places like this, to feel how nature is interconnected and the great variety of trees and flora that you can find there, makes places like this excellent to come to spend the day.

Do not hesitate to take many photos, especially because it is worth every second, the moment you arrive the only thing that causes is to take many photos, because everything is totally different from what we are used to and also because of the beauty of the whole place. Nature is undoubtedly the most beautiful gift that human beings have, that is why it is important to take care of nature, to take care of the environment is the work of everything and even more when there are places like this that make you understand how important it is to help reverse all the damage that everyday chemicals and the same rubbish that we humans produce.

To take care and to make people aware of the importance of taking care of ecosystems like this one is worthwhile, to value what nature has given us much more, to be able to coexist and to take care of our environment is everyone's job. I mention this because I know that through media like this we can echo the existing reality and that we all need to unite to confront those people who destroy the planet and others who do it without knowing.

Part of this beautiful expedition is also this cave, to walk through every part of this mountain has value, the only thing is that you must come willing to walk because everything is a bit far, so it was approximately more than 45 minutes walking to get there, while walking we can also take some pictures of the different flowers that are found there, which by the way are many.

Our ears also enjoy so many different sounds, the birds singing, the breeze between the branches of the trees and we can not forget the sound of the river that goes through there, it's all fantastic, well deserved weekend for those people who like me, live a very stressful week and full of so many different emotions.

As I said before, it is worth to go out and visit places like this mountain, it will help us to release so much repressed energy of the week and much more it will help us to feel that peace that we are looking for, to see different things and also to learn a little more about nature and its great beauties.

In this cave you can enter and walk around according to the people who frequent the place has a depth of 1 km, it is enough if you want, I did not want to because I am afraid of closed and much darker places, but my friends if they entered and well they knew part of the cave, which is deep and also has water wells.

This is what I am talking about, everything is green, there is a lot of vegetation on this mountain, the people who live there are very humble and friendly, I had the opportunity to talk to one of them, who told me that part of the mountain is uninhabited and that those who take care of the flora and the river and the whole place are themselves, This place represents their home and their source of food, starting with the different vegetation that proliferates there, as well as the different species of fish that can be found in the river, and not forgetting the different species of animals that also live in this area.

They like people to come and see places like this, they also take the opportunity to sell their handicrafts which they produce themselves and they also take advantage of these people to be able to transport themselves as it is very far from the nearest town, basically they do not look for food in the town, what they do look for is medicine, as living in places so far away from hospitals and clinics, they cannot be assisted easily and they prefer to avoid this situation by buying their own medicine.

Being able to go out and get to know has great benefits, there are many experiences and all of them are different but what I like the most is to know the history of people who have managed to live in places a little far from civilization, the adaptation of some people is different but these people who have no other way have to adapt in places like this and make it their home, I agree that they take care of themselves in places like this because in some way they avoid that other unconscious people damage it.

I will continue to share part of my tours every weekend, I will be showing a different place and above all educating a little every day, raising awareness is everyone's job and it costs nothing.

Long live nature.

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Written by   11
1 year ago
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