Our Household waste.....(Plastic recycling)

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Lets learn a bit about Plastic Recycling today as this a very important topic to know about.

Plastic Recycling is the process of turning old or already used plastic into new one to save Earth's natural resources and obviously saving loads of energy.

Everyday plastic bottles are mostly recyclable these days but this plastic can create create lots of mess in our environment if not recycled properly.

Five standard plastic water bottles can be melted down and processed to make enough material to fill a ski jacket.

now the question comes to mind straight away that Why cant we make new bottles about of these old recycled bottles?

Answer to this question is :

They cannot be made into new bottles because plastic loses quality when it is recycled therefore it is more efficient and economical to use recycled plastic into making other stuff.

What are Common Recycled Plastics?

1) PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate) - soft drink bottles

2) PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride)- Wires , cling films etc

3) HDPE (High Density Poly Ethylene) - pipes

4) Polymer (PP & PS) - Food Containers

Benefit of Plastic Recycling :

  • Plastic recycling reduces the amount of trash that ends up in the oceans.

  • Plastic recycling creates new jobs.

  • Plastic recycling creates additional revenue for the government and private organizations.

  • Recycling plastic reduces the release of carbon dioxide and harmful gases into the environment.

  • Plastic recycling conserves the space used as landfills. It makes it possible to use those landfills for other purposes.

  • Recycling saves petroleum that producers may use to make new plastics.

  • Plastic recycling lessens the energy that manufacturers consume in creating new products.

  • Plastic recycling prevents global warming.

  • Plastic recycling reduces the emergence of all forms of pollution.

  • Plastic recycling provides income for volunteers who collect plastic waste.

  • Plastic recycling helps reduce activities like deforestation that happen when making new plastic.

  • Encourages a Sustainable Lifestyle among People.

Plastic Recycling Process :

1) Collection of Waste Plastic :

The first step to plastic recycling is gathering waste plastic products

2) Sorting of Plastics into Categories :

Next step after collection is to separate the plastics according to types.

3) Washing of sorted plastic to remove impurities

Washing is essential because failure to remove impurities may damage the   new product.

4) Resizing :

There is a need to resize the plastic material to a form that can be recycled

5) Compounding :

Compounding involves smashing and melting plastic particles to create pellets. This process is also called extrusion.

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