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Why Bitcoin and Altcoins Pumping at the Same Time is Not a Good Scenario?

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1 month ago

Altcoins pumping while Bitcoin's price is also pumping is not a good scenario for the market. It is just simply unsustainable and it tells us that many altcoin whales are also Bitcoin whales who switch from time to time to maximize their gains.

When altcoin pumps together with Bitcoin, it means that substantial amount of money which could help Bitcoin pump further is being taken away from it and are invested in altcoins. This is the main reason why Bitcoin bleeds whenever altcoins pump or why altcoin bleeds whenever Bitcoin pumps, except on very few unique circumstances where both pumps without hurting each other.

This is not to mention some Bitcoin maxi whales who are selling to take profit and are just waiting for the next dip as well as exchanges who are trading against their users with their bots programmed to defeat the general market moves so that they could profit well. The latter is a much bigger threat than the former.

As for me, I do not want to get embroiled in the games of whales and exchanges. All of my funds are in a much more secured decentralized finance apps and are earning at least 100 percent annually. The best thing is that I have the full ownership and control of my assets. All of these benefits while waiting for that one big pump on the first quarter of next year.

(This is not a financial or investment advice. Kindly do your own research diligently.)

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Written by   25
1 month ago
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