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The Market is Taking a Well-Deserved Rest, You too!

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1 month ago

I am not 100 percent certain but I have this feeling that the market is currently taking a bit of rest similar to that of April to June before going up. The difference and which is a good thing is that we do not have any strong FUD to drag the market deep down the previous floor.

To be clear, it is not something that will happen but is already happening since the second week of November. How long will it take? Looking at the chart the shortest will be at least a month from now before we go back to all-time high. The market will be a bit boring but for me, I will take it as a time to accumulate more.

Is there any catalyst to hasten and bring us back to the path? I could not see any massive news for now except that the holiday season is generally good for the market. Surely, a lot of additional benefits are being given during December and a big portion of it will be invested by users to crypto, not just necessarily to Bitcoin. We will know within a few weeks if I will get it right or wrong.

Anyone who is following and reading my posts knew that I believe in a decade of bullish cycle with few corrections, 2020 being the start of it. This is not a usual four-year cycle. What is the reason? Well, we are seeing real mass adoption both by retail and institutional investors. Recent projections provide that there will be at least a quarter of world's population that will be in crypto by the end of this decade.

(This is not a financial or investment advice. Kindly do your own research diligently.)

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Written by   28
1 month ago
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