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Kardiachain and its Growing DeFi Ecosystem

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The summer of 2020 is known as the DeFi Summer. At that time, DeFi was the hottest topic amongst crypto users. With the introduction of innovative concepts especially the automated market makers (AMMs), the incentives did bring thousands of users to DeFi and allowed the nice to take off and reach new heights.

Will there be another DeFi Summer this year? Not certain as previous tracks are merely guides. But there is one blockchain right now which is preparing so hard for the possible repeat of DeFi Summer. I am referring to Kardiachain and in this article we will discuss what it has to offer to crypto users.

KardiaChain is the first decentralized interoperable and self-optimised blockchain infrastructure in Viet Nam and Southeast Asia. Using a proof of stake delegated proof of stake (DPoS), KardiaChain can handle over 6000 transactions per second with a transaction validation time of less than 5 seconds and very low transaction fees. Last month, Kardiachain launch its native decentralized exchange called Kaidex for its KRC-20 tokens. Kaidex was immediately integrated to its Kardiachain mobile wallet which means that users can safely exchange, provide liquidity or stake their KAI and KRC-20 tokens without leaving its wallet and without the need of entering the DApps website.

BecoSwap, Kardiachain Pioneer Program's runner-up also launched yield farms and liquidity pools. Its aim is to provide yield farming, AMM swap, launchpad and a NFT Marketplace. In addition, DeFily, a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) with the purpose of building products and infrastructure necessary to accelerate DeFi across multiple blockchains was also launched on Kardiachain. My DeFi Pet, a virtual pet game that combines DeFi, NFTs, battles and adventures which was launched two months ago currently has more than one hundred thousand users. The hit game revolves around a core loop of engaging gaming activities such as collecting, breeding, evolving, battling and trading pets while enabling users to earn.

While Kardiachain may be new in the crypto space, the years spent for researching and building it dates back to the middle of the last bull cycle. It may not be the pioneer in the DeFi and NFT niches, but Kardiachain learned well and improved on the lapses of other blockchains. True to its aim, Kardiachain is proving that it could be the blockchain for millions of crypto users.

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Written by   29
1 year ago
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