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Gravity DEX: Bringing DeFi to Cosmos

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1 year ago

Last time, I covered about Osmosis, the first AMM Protocol of the Cosmos ecosystem and the upcoming launch of pSTAKE Finance this 12th which will bring liquid staking to ATOM and other coins.

However, there is even a much bigger news. A few days ago, Tendermint announced that Gravity DEX will also launch this 12th of July. Why do we need to get excited about Gravity DEX?

Using InterBlockchain Communication (IBC) Protocol, Gravity DEX enables permissionless swaps and pools of digital assets between any two blockchains in the Cosmos ecosystem or beyond. Gravity also achieves superior efficiency compared to other AMMs due to its groundbreaking Equivalent Swap Price Model.

For projects, this means that they can start list their coins without having to jump through the regulatory hoops or pay the expenses associated with listing on a centralized exchange. Developers can build a new chain using Starport in minutes and get immediate price discovery and liquidity on their tokens.

Also, Gravity DEX provides a major boost to all promising but hard-to-buy tokens, such as Regen Network's $REGEN, Akash's $AKT, Sentinel's $DVPN, Persistence's $XPRT, Osmosis' $OSMO, or IRISnet's $IRIS. For users, Gravity DEX will level the DeFi playing field and make it accessible to all types of traders again, providing drastically lower transaction fees ($0.01-$0.10) to ensure that anyone can take part.

You can also bid goodbye to high slippage as Gravity DEX uses a different model called the Equivalent Swap Price Model (ESPM) that removes inefficient price discovery by landing on exactly the latest swap price. This makes it fairer all around and ensures that the price you see is the price you get.

Gravity DEX enables the community to build order book trading UIs. This is an extremely useful instrument for traders as it provides instant and valuable market pricing information on all tokens being bought and sold. This allows traders to get a better idea of where the price may go in the near future based on the prices and volumes that people in the market are willing to buy and sell for.

Gravity DEX is just the start. There is more on the horizon. Work is already being carried out to Gravity Bridge which will connect major chains like Polkadot, Ethereum and Celo to the Cosmos Hub through IBC. Truly, Cosmos is on the road to become the "Internet of Blockchains".


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Written by   29
1 year ago
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