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Gems, More Gems and Dead Coins

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1 month ago

All of the coins and tokens I mentioned in my posts during the short bearish period are doing well. Yes, that is ALL.

We have seen the massive growth that Solana SOL experienced right after the market went back to its bullish track last July.

That was followed by Avalanche AVAX and its DeFi tokens especially Trader Joe JOE which went from just a few cents to above USD 2.00 now. Avalaunch XAVA, Lydia LYD, Sherpa SHERPA and Snowball SNOB also experienced at least 10x growth.

We have also seen Cardano going above USD 3.00. Although it has taken a bit of rest after its massive growth, I believe that there is so much room for growth in the coming months as apps start to build on it and release their products. I just hope that projects do not rush too much.

Cosmos ATOM is really impressive even during this natural market correction. Osmosis OSMO, Cosmos' first IBC-native interchain AMM recently entered the Top 100 of the market cap rankings. However, there is still so much room for growth as Terra LUNA is set to join IBC and the upcoming release of a bridge that will bring ETH and ERC-20 tokens to Cosmos.

Last but not the least are Algorand and Tezos. These chains have been silent for the last three months but have worked a lot on the background to shape up both of their decentralized finance and NFT ecosystem. These chains are sleeping giants that have recently woke up but are still not done with their surprises.

I am still expecting more growth from the abovementioned layer 1 coins but my current focus is on coins which are on the lower end of the Top 100 or just a bit outside of it. These coins have so much room to grow and in giving more massive gains. I am looking at Celo CELO, Near NEAR, Kardiachain KAI and Flow FLOW.

I stay away from dead coins such as Neo NEO, Ontology ONT, Litecoin LTC, Nem NEM, EOS, IOST, Ravencoin RVN and mostly old coins particularly on the payment niche.

Accumulate and hodl on!

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Written by   21
1 month ago
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