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Do Not Fall for Another China FUD, It's an Old News

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1 month ago

China does not have any influence in the crypto market after it banned #Bitcoin and miners left China. Even though Chinese are large holders of  #crypto many of them are leaving China and migrating to crypto-friendly countries where they can enjoy their new found wealth.

#BTC maxis either do not know how to read dates or they skip the dates and proceed to the body of an old FUD news. Or it could be intentional on their part to spread FUD to scoop cheaper crypto. This is aggravated by newbies who do not also read news and are merely dependent on their favorite trading gurus who tweet or retweet old FUD news.

Always remember that when you read news, read the date first. If it is old, then it is not relevant, it is not news anymore, it is not worth spreading.

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Written by   21
1 month ago
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We here know it, but I am afraid the investors don't know it and it becomes very difficult to find the sentiment of the general investors and how they behave. It is clear fud once again coming from China that has already banned Bitcoin several times.

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4 weeks ago