Mundane no more

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2 years ago

I don't believe that something is absolutely mundane. Players play something and they anchor their game with objectives.

I will want to play catch with my kids just because I now see what I wanted to enjoy.

If before I question what makes it something enjoyable to play, now I know few reasons why.

But it's too silly to mention those reasons.

Now, what I would like to share is what happened during this day.

Guess what? I finally went with the pack for swimming. A birthday celebration of my dear Aunt-in-law.

This Aunt of ours, who was the birthday celebrant didn't have the luck to bear and raise children.

But then she always invited us for an outing whenever there was a chance.

And this morning, we received a text that we should prepare if we wanted to go with the pack for swimming.

As usual, I thought my two older kids, together with their father, would only be the ones who will go. My daughter and I would be left behind and enjoy the day someway else.

But my daughter was the most excited among the siblings and so, even though her father got frustrated at my refusal to go with them, he still insisted that he take all the kids for the swimming.

I retorted upon seeing his reaction. I told you I don't want to go! Then he fixed his face then pleasantly advised me on what they were going to bring with them.

I quickly packed those that were needed then sent them with a heavy heart. I didn't want my daughter to go. Who will attend to her? Her father, but I wasn't at ease.

We originally planned to go to town with their aunt (my sister).

After a while, instead of going to town, I texted my sister and asked her if she wanted to go for swimming.

Well! She wanted to. Oh my.

Then I inquired from my hubby thru call if they were still nearby.

He said they still have not started the engine at the meeting place.

We prepared our clothes then agreed to meet at the junction to follow the others.

Fast forward, we were finally crammed at the vehicles and we were ready to go. Foods, soaps, utilities, etc. were packed and we finally travelled!

At the site...

Hooray! We arrived at the destination. We were like three vehicles who came for the celebration! Haha.

I was observing how we would unfold the day and...

(How do we call him?) Someone led us to our cottage (not, it's a house) where we would unload all our needs for the enjoyment of the day.

I was kind of hungry but my daughter was very excited to swim so we had to put on our suits (more likely, attire, hahaha) then went for the real thing. Sissy led her first while I watched them. I was doing a little more warm up activities.

There was the small pool of water that was a little warm and the depth was not deep. Ideal for kids or beginning ones.

They started there and little daughter was in love with the water at first feel. She didn't want to leave and so we stayed there when I joined them, assisting her just in case.

Gladly, hubby came to watch our daughter and told us food was ready. Happy to know that barbecue is being served. It's my preferred food at that moment.

We ate a little, just enough to make us satisfied. We returned to watch the kids. Alternated while we also tried to enjoy swimming.

While sissy or hubby watched while the other nuclear families did their things, I also swam through the adult pool.

Lunch time came then most of us, including the kids, took a break in order to eat.

We ate deliciously with all the meat, spag, salad, glutinous rice, and many more then drank soda and water. Most had their seconds or thirds and we tried the new things that were served.

We went back to the water then enjoyed more. I was really happy that my kids, especially my younger two, enjoyed their swimming.

My daughter got herself 'salbabida' that aided her in learning to swim. It was a yellow with spongebob as the picture.

With the length of time that passed, my child finally learned to float and move her feet while my younger son, though he didn't have the passion to learn to swim, enjoyed the water in some other ways like jumping and singing on the water.

My eldest son remained at the deeper pool and I also saw him having a blast with his cousins.

Afternoon came then we had no other choice but to take turns taking a bath to remove dirt that might have stick to our bodies. We resumed eating also the remaining food.

I bathed my daughter with cold water, I also took a bath. We put on our clothes and in a while, she slept right away.

We waited for the others who were still wrapping up their swimming and bathing then we finally crammed ourselves again into the vehicles.

We had a safe journey back home to our barangay and on to our respective homes.

I fed the kids again and tucked them to sleep while listening to the continuous account of my daughter on her first ever swimming. Hihi.

They finally slept and I gave a defeated sigh. For the first time, I gave in to their swimming invitation. I may still have been hesistant this morning but I still chose to follow them to attend to my kids.

For one, I should feel grateful for being thought of by them.

Another, I should learn when to say yes once in a while especially if the kids are excited.

It didn't cost me anything. In fact, I was able to save the money I may have used if we went somewhere else.

And yes! I did enjoy the swimming after all. Especially that my kids were obviously very happy during the occasion.

Until next time!

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