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You say I am greedy?

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7 months ago

If someone calls me greedy my first thought is "Who are you, do I owe you something?"
Should I care about words if I know I am not a greedy person? If it comes to greedy I can be but merely if it comes to myself since a cent can only be spent once.
You might believe I am a miser because I do not give anything to you but I have my reasons, besides not sharing isn't a sign of greed. I set goals and set aside by saving expenses on me.  There are thousand-and-one reasons why a person, why I refuse to share, why I say 'no'. NO might be a word you do not like to hear but that's your problem, not mine. The fact you don't accept a 'no' for an answer doesn't make me selfish nor a bad person.

Calling someone 'greedy' is a way some use to get what they want. Scammers for example are notorious if it comes to manipulating but they aren't the only ones. Children say it to influence their parents and friends and if it comes to partners and family they are not different neither are friends and strangers an exception. People manipulate and... try to hurt others with words to get what they want.

Once money is involved, a high amount of money, greed shows it's facing. Not if it comes to the holder but to those who don't have this wealth. It makes strangers show up out of the blue ready to collect their share. They even dare to call it their legal percentage and at times threaten those who refuse to give. If I read stories like these, the aggression and violence exposed, I wonder what is wrong with those people. What makes one believe he can harvest, pick someone else's fruits without working for it first? If you truly believe this is the fact you are not only lazy but a thief, a criminal to me.

Greed... the Bible sees it as a sin, one of the seven sins. Interesting enough not all those so-called sins are evils. Not if they are used as a motivation to succeed. To achieve by honest and hard work, and by making the needed sacrifices.  

If it comes to greed the first thought might be money. The film 'The seven sins' therefore shows a different type of greed. Being overweight it is. In this case, greed for food and eating behaviour comes along with it. It's an interesting point of view. Greedy is the one who can't stop consuming, absorbs without limits. We meet at fast-food restaurants, on the streets and at home. This film shows how food is a killer and how it kills the greedy one. It's a clear lesson and worth reflecting on.

How selfish, greedy are you if it comes to eating, drinking, smoking, drinking, drugs, partying, clothes, games, gambling, collecting and living on accounts of others? 

To me, the scrooges aren't those not willing to share but those who act like vultures and magpies. The moneybags aren't those who invest in work, take more risks than the majority is willing to and think before they spend. A tightwad isn't the one making sacrifices to achieve goals, neither are those who had luck. Luck by winning the lottery, success by investing at the right moment, who had a chance because they inherited or were flexible enough to try out something new. Something most of us don't dare because we like to play it safe and take it the easy way.

It sounds strange to my ears one likes to claim a piece of the cake not baked by oneself. I have been raised differently and if there are fruits of my hard work I am the one who picks them. I am also the person who decides what to do with it. I can eat it alone, share, throw it away or save for the cold winter.

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Written by   736
7 months ago
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I don't know what's going on. but I can't judge my friends. You have rights to your life, my friend

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7 months ago

Bravo! I also hate the mentality that it should be a RIGHT to be given something. That is the ideology of parasites. You express it very well here.

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7 months ago