You can't blame me

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"I told you at least a thousand times," he sniffed, "I am allergic to what you call a delectable aroma."

With tearing eyes he stood in front of her while holding a dishcloth against his nose. From one moment to the next he had changed. He had transformed into an unrecognizable person. She stared at him and couldn't help thinking of the Hulk. True his skin wasn't green but his face was swollen and so red! Red or green... She was sure he could change any minute. If he would only safe his breath. What was wrong with him? The incense should do him good, ease his mind. It was a good way to relax and should be the start of a special night.

"At least the special part came true," she whispered and did a step aside as he wiped the snot off his nose with the soaked cloth and ran out.

It was hard to tell what caused his fall but most likely it was the slippery road and the muddy hill he didn't notice in time. She hadn't seen him fall and that was the only thing he felt grateful for. She had ruined his day, the next weeks and who knows even the rest of his life. In bed, he should have stayed no matter what they said about most accidents happen at home. His place was safe but if it came to hers... He never felt that miserable in his entire life. This was what they called love, what so many whimpered about only because they were single? It was hard to believe.
It was in the dark and mud he laid gasping for breath while his mind ran like crazy. The only thing he could do is waiting, waiting and hoping he would feel better soon. "What a useless thing a nose is if you can't even use it to breathe," his last thought was before he passed out.

"My dear, I am reporting from the city hospital," the police officer said, "as I understand you are the last one he saw. You two met on that particular night. Better prepare for the worst and I advise you to find yourself an advocate too."

"An advocate," she thought after the policeman ended the conversation, "I didn't harm anyone. Why should I be blamed for the man's bad DNA? Besides, there hadn't been any reason for him to run out."

An open window after removing the stick had done the trick too and he could have taken his antihistamine injections too," she declared to the guy who asked why she wanted him for a lawyer.

"You mean he was on medication?"

"He was indeed but he no longer felt the need to take them because of the implant. They said it would do exactly the same, no, even better. No visits at the doctor's office, no needles and a life free as a bird."

She wasn't sure if birds suffer from allergies but most likely they did not because they belonged to the group of survivors of the fittest.

"If you ask me the one who talked him into that implant is responsible for all the damage and hurt," she continued her narrative.

"So you mean to say what happened is a concentration of disadvantage?"

"Excuse me?"

"Bad luck, the man had bad luck. All that happened to him is due to his bad luck?"

"And his inferior DNA of course which you can't blame me for. I am not his mother."

The advocate gazed at the woman. He wasn't sure if she was really that stupid or played a dirty game. One he refused to take part off. He wasn't sure about the innocence of the incense or its owner. She seemed to have a history with men, men with strong allergies.

"You better play it safe and find someone else," he said as he returned her the file, "I am not the right guy."

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