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5 months ago
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That tiny dog that should remain small (max 4 kilograms) is getting bigger and heavier. I do not need scales to notice that.

The more, further, and longer I walk the more trouble I have to make it listen. He follows his nose and doesn't care about danger or if you are angry.

The head is a bit strange and together with the color it has a lot in common with a Doberman. What if it is a Doberman my child said this morning, a Doberman with short legs. He eats like an adult and poops and pees like one too.


He can still fall asleep from one moment to the next. It looks as if he drops dead. It's the only moment I can take a few steps without him circling around me or peeing where he should't.

He does not care about mentioning he needs to go outside although, outside is a place he loves. He already walked outside in the snow and the rain doesn't seem to bother him too much.

Once I saw him standing up in his basket pee and lay down to sleep further on! Too lazy to go to visit the bathroom?

Which reminds me of an ex, it turns out that many 18+ men still wet their bed. The nasty thing about males is they are slow, slower than the average woman. I hate that but always forget. I should have taken the girl instead.

It's specific for this type of dog to be sloooow if it comes to litter training. They are not stupid but intelligent and stubborn. They are hard to train and if you have all time in the world to carry your dog around 24/7 this is the perfect dog for you (leash on) and you will never hear it making noise.

Being outside 24/7 is an option too but if it comes to this little creature I rather let him stay inside. He loves to brag something I would not call _courage_ and will for sure get into trouble if he meets the wrong person.

By now I know when he will start peeing which is as soon as he wakes up and starts walking around. It's annoying because if I stand up he does which means I can't do anything, not even make a cup of tea or he pees (glad I do not have carpets).

Animals, pets do have a lot in common with humans if it comes to character and behaviour. Strange how easily we get annoyed or flattered by their behaviour.

Btw Yddy does not wet his bed, the bed in the bench which is a plus. It's big enough so he could but he doesn't and can wait for 12 hours if needed. This means he does not have bladder issues and he does know it's not allowed to pee inside. How do I know? Because after he did it he always goes into his basket.

Since a few days my child's cat pees on a mat where we place our shoes. Cat pee is even worse. If there's pee or poop somewhere in the house I can smell it and only need to follow my nose.

I do confront the animals with it and don't believe they don't know what they did. So if it happens again, right after we've been outside I am angry and will show that plus why and they have a time out in the bench (where they mainly sleep or eat).

No matter what they say I truly believe each dog and cat can be trained. If you are not doing so your pet will annoy you for the next ten if not twenty years with the result the animal will be dumped because you cannot live with it and it makes you mad. And you have to admit this pet is not for you, you are human after all.

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5 months ago
Topics: Pet, Dog, Cat, Life, January, ...