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Ugly pattern

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2 months ago

Gaming is what keeps me busy these days. Township, King of Avalon, and Manor Matters. So far I consider myself lucky I can load those games and they do not have that many ads. I tried 'Dragon city' but before I could play at all I had to click away 13-18 pop-ups with advertisements for the game. The playing part took about three minutes unless you liked to watch more advertisements. I don't. I skip them or close the game or shut down my phone. Such a high amount of screaming ads hurts my eyes and brains. It's too colorful, too flashy, too much blinking as if you are in Las Vegas. I like some peaceful scenarios on my screen, not the casino effect. It's too American to me and it stressed me out.

This reminds me of 'Solitaire' TriPeaks. The ad looked unattractive but I liked the game, scenery, the happy little dog with the mask, and learned something. After the update, it became hard if not impossible to play. After each 'turn', I was forced to watch advertisements. Even more annoying was I was directed to the Play store. Too much clicking to get away from there and return to the game. It might not be an issue to watch ads with a normal till good connection but mine is too slow. My phone gets frozen and I need to restart it to be able to close the game and use my phone again. If it comes to ads they harm a lot and they are rarely what I am looking for or want and those few I am interested in I already have.

Since it's the end of the year I clean up, phone included so I remove apps. It's unbelievable how many are on my phone which I never use (came with the phone), apps I am forced into (government, doctor's office, health insurance, etc) and I only need 1-3 times a year. I cannot remove them because if I need them my connection is too slow to reinstall them at that very moment including registering again.
Some apps are no apps at all but a link to a site. I removed them as well.

I told myself I will leave more reviews this year which I did a few days ago. Mainly about the games, I play(ed) and I noticed the developers comment although it rarely is an answer that fits your question or remark. I noticed a part wants you to call them. Especially to those who are angry they tell to do so. To be honest I have strong doubts about solving issues. By now I know out of years of experience, the dumbest people work at customer service or they are trained to get rid of you. Organizations with us do the same to those who complain using Facebook. 'Send us a private message," they ask and if so they do nothing. The old fashioned letter and response is still the best way. You need proof and even with proof, they cheat on you.

Another game I tried after 'Homescape' was 'Matchington mansion'. An annoying girl Tiffany with a noisy attitude drills you around in the house you inherited. The storyline doesn't make any sense and the house, the furniture, and walls have a tasteless, ugly pattern and I didn't like to decorate my house with it. I had to force myself to face Tiffany and deleted her from my life together with the game.

It's easy to get addicted to computers, games but from one moment to the next I lose my interest mainly because the game stresses me out or the people involved do. Some games you can hardly be played on your own. If it comes to 'King of Avalon' an alliance is helpful but I join a bunch of Germans, losers if you ask me but they are the first I popped into and I m loyal. I have no idea where the rest of the members hide. No castle or alliance hospital is available and it looks as if no one does anything with the donations. I teleported myself to... and run my kingdom close to the border of a huge alliance which I cross to kill monsters and get food (why is it always wheat?) and wood.

'Township' keeps me busy too. I don't have a high rank yet but join a group named 'Budapest'. The leader seemed to abandon it and those who join are not all Hungarians. It's a great group, willing to share what they have and we won some tournaments.

Yesterday I suddenly remembered the time snack bars still had what we call the 'one-armed bandit' . Slot machines. There was a mother with two little children always present. Hoping to earn something or killing boredom? At that time a computer at home didn't exist neither did cellphones. With her children, she shared one French fries. One fries for the three of them... I felt so sad seeing those children. They were bored and she paid no attention to them. The government forbids those gambling machines, same with cigarette machines. Those snack bars made an income with it and after that the casinos and by now it's all online. No need to get into your car. You can gamble 24/7 no matter where you are. Toilet, bedroom, the shed. It's what most ads on the internet are about. Games that promise you an income, gambling We no longer check each other's phones because we are way too busy with our own phones.

I wish there was a game I could play without an internet connection but these days are over. It's all about making money these days and it makes it hard to relax and focus on one thing only.

Prompt used: ugly pattern

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Written by   558
2 months ago
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Last time I played a mobile game, I can't remember. My phone went bad after one game I played and then I stopped playing. But you just stirred a lost passion in me.

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2 months ago

I still try to play to think of something different but by now removed a few more.

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1 month ago

I only played wordscape. Even I wanted to install some games in my phone? I don't want my younger kids crowd over the phone just for the game.

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2 months ago