Twinkling lights

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10 months ago

You say look at those twinkling lights

I look and see the stars in your eyes

They shine so brightly and I wonder

How can you still be so happy?

Your laughter is real

I can feel you enjoy life

It doesn't matter what they do, you say,

All you need to do is to follow me. Let's finally have some fun.

I nod and want to, agree but you know me

I have no idea how to play, how to laugh out loud,

how to enjoy it and where to find that fun.

All I can do is observe you

From a distance

I watch over you and hope

Those hundreds of twinkling lights you spread

Will brighten up at least a hundred more lives

and all these people will share their twinkling lights

just like you used to.

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Prompt used: hundreds of twinkling lights

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10 months ago