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Let's do something, I suggest, let's travel a bit. It's not that I always want to do something, but the fact is that those who do nothing are more likely to do nothing at all and suffer from depression. Bob's life is one big depression and it is definitely not pleasant. Not for him and not for me. The circle of friends around us just like the family that still speaks to us or visits us is getting smaller and smaller.

Of course, this may be due to the current zeitgeist. People have been brought up to live their lives behind a screen, to live life through others. First, it was the TV then came the computer with games, and then social media. Social media is the place where you can be pissed off, belittled, threatened, manipulated, and extorted for nothing. No place for someone like Bob who doesn't see himself anyway and whose gloominess puts many off. Many but not me. I laugh at it, see the humour in it and although no one understands why we are together, we are a unique couple. Bob makes me laugh out loud and then doesn't react hurt. I let him do things he would never otherwise undertake. Without me, Bob would stay on the sofa or even not get out of bed.

You should stop with it, you deserve so much better than taking care of him, those mood swings will break you, my father said. I didn't bother to explain to him that I don't take care of Bob. Bob takes care of me, accepts me with all my quirks and he never tells me not to act so crazy or to sit back and relax for once. Where I go he follows even if he is not upfront. Bob may tend to sink into the quicksand around him when he is alone, but together we keep each other balanced.

Instead of waiting for his reaction, I show him the picture of a hotel made up of glass igloos.

Doesn't it look amazing, I jubilate. I go ahead and pack our bags, I feel like it and off I go. It's time to see something different, discover something new.

Packing doesn't take me much time. A packed bag at the door means we are going out. Maybe not right away, but we're going!

When I have put our travelling bags in the hall, Bob is waiting for me with a mug of hot chocolate.

Honey, I don't think it will be that hotel, but how about this one?

Amazed, I look at the pictures he shows.

Aaaah, that looks cute. More igloos. What would it look like inside?

I sip my chocolate milk while Bob shows some more pictures of the area.

A dog sled ride like that looks like something for me, I muse.

We'll see in two days I've already booked, Bob says and I see a little twinkle in his eye.


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