Today is a great day

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10 months ago

Today is a great day in your history, the teacher said.

I listened carefully to what she told us.

I, the class kept our mouths shut and I wondered.

Can it be instead of what she says today is the blackest day in our history?

Is it possible her history is not part of me?

That man Willem is a pirate, pirates are terrorists and no good.

How many souls are sold to become so wealthy?

It's hard to agree, hearing the teacher say that today is a great day.

I don't feel like celebrating, do not want a cookie.

I'm not part of this culture anyway.

I'm just that unwelcome foreigner to whom people say: you stink, you are a thief, go away!

I don't see any greatness today.

There are no heroes only traitors.

Criminals, enemies of the people we are forced to phrase.

I know, today isn't a great day in history, it never was.

That teacher, did she mislead the class?

Did she know she spread a lie, brainwashed young pupils with her story?

They changed history to fool the people, people like her who do not search any deeper than what is told.

Today is not a great day.

I refuse to celebrate nazism, terrorism, so much harm caused by again the same few people.

We could, and we should do it right!

Let's write history and say out loud what really happened.

We have to make everyone, children included understand


Today is not a great day but the end.

The end of the lies, fake news, manipulations, and supporting the worst people.

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10 months ago