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1 year ago

My youngest wanted to watch the anime Bell in the cinema. It only played for one week. Within our family we love watching films and some of my children are anime lovers. Time to visit an event with the youngest (the friends mentioned it but cancelled).

Yesterday, I went out with the youngest two which means there's a lot to arrange. With animals I can't simply leave same if it comes to my gardening. I need to water the plants which is a hard task. By now I can tell you my harvest won't be great. Dehydration is the main problem. It feels the plants and I have that in common.

It's the first time I didn't write a to-do-list but what needed to be done I did and I ticked off in my mind.

It was also the first time my child drove to the capital city. Instead of the highway we took a touristic road (the country), had a toilet stop and for the first time it was cloudy and even rained. Good for the mood of my kid he became very talkative. Like an elderly I sat in the back and you know what? I wanted to sleep. Only negative thing was I felt car sick. After all these years I still suffer from that. It only happens if I sit in a car, bus or train if it drives and I'm sitting backwards, plane and boat no problem. How odd is that? I admit as soon as we left I forgot home and the animals. It feels as if I live that different life back traveling again.

Looking back the family gathering, going out together, went better than expected although, the event wasn't what we expected.

We bought the tickets long ago online but once there we had to wait for over two hours to get in. At first it rained later the sun came through.

Buying those tickets was already problematic. If things don't work like they should be my first thought is internet (connection) problems again, next I check the bank, I keep trying and trying at least five times before I find a different way to order these tickets. A way that always costs me more money because of the bank's fee. You know what? I believe it's not me but the way those lousy sites work. Those payment methods are fake. They know it doesn't work but it makes them look better if they have more than one payment option.


We waited and waited ate chocolate and drank water.

We heard that it wasn't possible to buy a ticket for today but noticed how some could and later they let those people inside. So everyone who bought a ticket online long ago (it had to be before a certain date) could drop dead. They all paid for a filled one but received an empty cup?!

The rain was partly positive.

I was afraid I would need at least six litres of water to survive this day. So I took along many bottles although, I left a part behind in the car for the way back home. For a change no flies, no biting stable flies and the old mosquito bites of a year ago didn't feel itchy for a change. Strange how slowly they heal. I know it it's cut out it would but not if it remains.

BTW only the mosquito bites in Europe leave these bumps behind. I wonder why.

At a certain point I felt cold but the sun came through. Good since I didn't take a rain coat or umbrella along with me. Slowly my clothes dried.

As we finally, after hours waiting, were nearly at the front a guy said we could have our money back since he couldn't guarantee we could go inside. This is the worst organization ever. All those people who bought a ticket online... they knew the number. Why not stop selling tickets at the entry? Why not telling people earlier (at the middle and back of that line!) they can't get in and get their money back? Why saying this 3 hours before closing time? We drove a long way to get there!

The children became a bottle of water and we decided to wait.

Once inside the youngest and I watch the anime Bell (you can watch it here in Englis) outside while my son went to the gaming section. The last time I watched a film outside was in Germany (Autokino) which was at least 40 years ago. The sound was good. The sound of aeroplanes and helicopters passing could hardly be heard.

After the film ended we could visit the bathroom and only had a very short time to see some stands. I intended to buy a t-shirt with Inuyasha print for my daughter but it was only available in size XL :((

As I decided to ask her, my daughter if she wanted that very big size, those sellers already left and a guy told us we had to leave too.

We haven't been visiting whatever was organized inside which was disappointing and a waste of money.


The organization said they would give a bracelet so you could leave the park and come back again. They gave nothing to all those people they let inside later that day, they gave nothing to us and didn't check our tickets at all.

It was an expensive trip (gasoline) and the fee of the tickets was way more than the ticket of the cinema. If I would have known this all I wouldn't have been going at all. It surprizes me that in 2020 an event is organized in such a terrible way. With online tickes and QR codes there's no need to make such a mess out of an event since you know the numbers.

Although, we thought it might be a concrete jungle in the capital we found our way and even a parking spot nearby. I expected more from this event 'cause I doubt it was very special. The theme was anime but most of it was about fims, series, books in general and next to the 'free hugs' not really special.


July 30, 2022

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