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The end of victory

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1 year ago

Is it disturbing to see how life changes? If you ask me it is. During the past decennial everything that was built in the Netherlands was broken down. The school doctor, school dentist was once introduced to provide in better healthcare, so was health insurance for all. The right to visit a dentist for a check-up twice a year was included. The garbage was collected once a week and we were raised with washing hands, keeping our house, environment clean.
This all has changed. The doctors and dentists refuse to help you, garbage is only collected once every 14 days and education is on a very low level. I wonder what exactly has caused this.
The hospitals are forbidden areas, the first aid is this since decennial. By now operations can not be done within six weeks. Imagine what this means, what a nation will look like, how it will develop its future.
Suddenly we are back in the 18th century if it comes to hygiene, healthcare, education, human rights for the nation...
It's the end of our government. The reign of four parties not able to make life better. A government that continued and choose not to care about their people. Hospitals, schools were closed because they cost too much money. At the same time, millions are wasted to pay a membership still hardly anyone knows what the benefit of it is? High salary for ministers who fill their pockets and ask for a second pension while the common man cannot even afford to buy his daily bread.
The poverty increases and although there is a social security system it's not enough if the bread your mother gives you is seen as income while the basket with shopping given by the food bank is not. A food bank that has not food enough to help all those families in need. A food bank once started in Rotterdam and by now nearly every region of the 393 in the country has one (387). As the first food bank started this already should be a clear sign of what is going on. Instead, the signs were ignored and people were stimulated to keep spending, taking loans, increased their debts. They were stimulated if not forced to be entrepreneurs with the result no right of social security if you fail, lose your job, high debts and being homeless. To the government, it felt safer to keep up appearances, to not only fool their own nation but other countries as well. They kept pretending we are wealthy, kept spending, wasting high amounts to what shouldn't be a priority. Belonging to the flock, having a voice was more important.

It isn't that long ago the Netherlands developed and grew into a "wealthy" country. The people worked hard and after the Second World War (1945 it ended with us) we grew. Before that time many lived in slums, near the garbage and (human) dung piles. They suffered from the Plague, Spanish flue, Cholera, Diphtheria and so much more. If you take into consideration how short the period of growth, wealth (not for all) was till the economical crisis started it's hard to believe we once have been there. The good times didn't last long, perhaps fifty years but we have been there and have something to look back at.

If the country will make it again is questionable. The hard workers, the motivated ones no longer exist. The rules have changed and no country or nation can count with any mercy if it doesn't stick to Brussel's plan.
The Netherlands turned into a country of abusers, attracted those who love to live on someone else's account and are not willing to invest, do their share and those who see more opportunities abroad, want their peace leave. They no longer care about caring and sharing, being one. The one feeling is over the past governments took the "we care" away from the moment on they ruled and said, "if you dare to care we'll punish you hard for it!". The government left but they reign on just like all those civil servants who loved to punish the nation in name of the law. If you ask me they should resign too. They did not do their job well. If every shop and business has to close down so need all those governmental offices. They proved they are not able to do their job well. A new restart can never be done with the same people within the same old fashioned system. A healthcare system based on law set in over hundred years ago.

If history makes us wiser how come humankind isn't wise enough to learn from it?

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Written by   826
1 year ago
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