The emu

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Farm fresh

"Are you home?"

She startled as she heard the boy's voice and didn't know if she should answer. Although the dog stopped whining it still shivered and the dog's behavior made her nervous. It was safer in the closet till everything was normal again. She closed her eyes, slowly counted till ten, next till twenty while doing her best to think of a beautiful scenery, a better place. It was hard, so hard. The old dog's behavior didn't make it better. What happened outside that scared Bear and how come the boy's voice sounded the same as usual. Another knock on the door before it was opened?

"Are you there? Bear? Come on boy!"

As the dog heard his master it barked and it didn't took long before the two in the closet were found.

"You better have a look outside, at your front door. I don't know what happened but it sounds to me someone is after you."

In front of the door was a dead emu with it's head cut of. The wrap of a chocolate bar was pinned to the door.

"Salty peanut butter", she whispered, " but why the dead emu?"

"We better pack some things and leave the place. Perhaps we should call the police."

Puzzled he stared at the emu, worried about her life.

This is part 29 of a story. I do not know where or when it will end. The daily prompt will let me know how, what or when.

Prompt used: emu

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Someone is leaving a death message on your door.

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