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Standing at the window

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1 month ago

"There you are standing at the window... It's the only thing you can do besides sitting at the window. You can watch outside but the outside is always the same. Empty streets. The only people allowed to be outside are the mailman and those who deliver the groceries.
By now you are forced to shop online too unless you can provide for your own needs. Online shopping means you need to pay for the delivery which is something you can't afford. You wish you never studied because there are no jobs for the intellectuals left. No one needs a teacher. We educate ourselves and those few children left... There's no future for them, no job available, no one needs or can afford a do for. On the internet, bots tell you what you should take or how much time is left. The time left is always too much. Dying takes long they say and this time it's true. The house is filled with people, family but being close no longer exists. The air is filthy but no one dares to open a window, too afraid the air outside can make them sick. It's hard to believe once no one cared about the air, people lived close, loved, hugged, had sex, used each other's mug and fork, spit into faces. Today you need to hold your breath and be grateful you are still alive.
Grateful? What is life worth if it means you need to spend it inside, are locked in like a serial killer. No government or chief cares looks further into the future. Democracy no longer exists, each decision is given out of hands to one single person.
There's still a door, a window that can be opened. It's a way out of a hopeless life, a life without a future. "

The inner voice is right, she thought. This is not what I want for me. I leave and go discover the world again. See with my own eyes what is going on. Too many years passed by with media painting pictures. One push, a jump and she was gone. The air wasn't poisoned, it was good to be free again.

Prompt used: standing at the window

#kittywu #story #freewrite #freedom

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Written by   550
1 month ago
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