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2 months ago
Topics: Psychologie, Psyche, Butterfly, Life, 2022, ...

How well do we know those who are dear to us? Our partner, children, parents, relatives, friends, neighbors, teacher, or the silent beggar on the street? Why is it that a judgment about another is so made? Why do we think we know people when we don't even know ourselves? The police can request information about a person in case of a crime, bystanders after a crime, and also suicide almost always say they did not expect it. The person in question was calm, polite, helpful, lived inconspicuously and, of course, those closest to them are almost always shocked. No one expected... at least if we are to believe the initial reports in the newspapers. Nobody expected it it was such a nice man. Is this about the nice man in whom something snaps after years in a straitjacket and then reacts with violence or is something else going on?

Anyone who wants to find a reason why someone commits a serious crime always finds a reason. The bad or violent childhood, heartless mothers, runaway fathers, drunk parents, quarrelsome parents, bullied at school, work, or by neighbors. A loveless life, no friends, and a violent partner score high especially when it comes to women.

Why a certain kind of person always becomes a victim there are also theories about that. To what extent they are true is the question. A scientist always, consciously or unconsciously, conducts research in such a way as to get the desired answer to the question. The researcher's train of thought influences the result.

The body, like the brain, is like a complex machine. Everything is interconnected and is, should be finely tuned. Unfortunately, this is not the case for most of us for generations. Each tiny part of the body plays a big role when it comes to our well-being. We break down just like a car if we do not take care of it. We need fuel, avoid getting a dirty and overheated engine, and should not ignore changing the oil. Always driving the same short distance does a car no good neither will it do any good to us not to take a different road than we are used to. The tires of a bicycle that is never used run flat and what is never used will turn rusty.

If you do not water plants they wither, if they get too much water they rot away. Some people say you should talk to plants. Some scientists say that plants experience pain. If everything that lives has feelings does this also mean that all that lives suffer?

I always wondered where all these horse whisperers and dog whisperers came from. It was hype to talk to these animals. For that matter, nobody talked to cats, mice, rabbits, turtles, pigeons, goldfish, or the betta fish. Animals also communicate, and suffer but why do some people think they are chosen to translate that? Do they translate what an animal thinks, says, feels, or do they say out loud what a particular human being sees or feels from their own vision that is the result of DNA, character, upbringing, and education? Those who wear the name tag of expert can afford to spout nonsense, untruths, lie, make something up, deal with situations creatively to make them go on forever.

Psyche is a goddess. She was depicted with wings resembling the wings of a butterfly, a butterfly, or a moth. The goddess Psyche fell in love with the god Eros. An interesting duo.

Psyche represents the soul and the goddess is long forgotten. For some, the butterfly still plays a role in their culture or personal life. After all, hope springs eternal. However, butterflies do not live everywhere, nor do they have a long life. Does the same apply to man's spiritual condition? Does the psyche change and do we never really get to know our fellow human beings but also ourselves? The question is also whether we humans want to. Living in a make-believe world is safer than facing the truth. Not only love makes blind, but also fantasy, fear, disinterest, pain, and egoism. The average person is absolutely not interested in getting to know himself and those around him.

Seeing the truth does not make the world and the people who live in it more beautiful. Suppose you could see the true appearance of everyone and everything. Imagine if everyone were themselves and could only tell the truth without regard to norms, values, other people's feelings, petty minds, aggrieved souls stuck in the past. Everyone speaks the truth and you hear every unspoken thought. Thoughts of anger, hatred, sadness, pity, fatigue, loneliness, fear, insanity, murder plans, and a single thought that has to do with love. What would it be like, what effect would it have on your psyche if you heard the truth continuously?

In this case, I think those who have no feelings, those who don't suffer from talked-into certain feelings about what is right or wrong, live an easier and better life. Those who suffer psychologically suffer, and I think this suffering has a lot to do with what we humans have been taught. You feel miserable because others, the specialists, say you are crazy. You are different, crazy, not accepted because you do not act and react exactly as expected and you are not strong enough to stand on your own two feet. You have forgotten that life is short like the life of a butterfly. You have been taught to enjoy and do what is important to you.

That can be work or it might not be a good idea to take a walk through the country and follow the butterflies or migratory birds. Maybe you should just stay in bed and let life, the outside world pass you by and stop asking, asking yourself how you feel and what you want.

Without all those feelings there would be no depression, quarrels, or wars. There would be no envy, greed, or crime. Our psyche, like the caterpillar, should eat itself up and then make a cocoon and digest it in peace, to pupate. Then comes the time to break open the cocoon and be reborn as a butterfly (or moth). Then we too can go out into the world without any worries, fly out, and genuinely enjoy life.

We have long forgotten the goddess Psyche, there are not so many butterflies anymore. The psychiatrist and psychologist know better, otherwise, the specialist does. That specialist who always finds a reason why a criminal is the way he is while he does not see the average person in need let alone help because also the psychiatrist does not have a healthy psyche and behaves in a way he was taught and s/he is not a soul whisperer. S/he would most likely not even recognize a psychopath, a person that has the 'psyche' or if you like butterfly inside as well.

Imagine what the world would be like without all those talked-upon feelings of what you miss, need, and standards that tell you you are a loser, lonely and incomplete although you never felt that way.

To those interested in butterflies and what their color or appearance might mean... You can have a look here. No, I do not believe in butterflies being little spirits and I will not let an insect tell me how to live my life. I am curious why some do though. By the way letting horoscopes tell people how to live, which partner is the right one seems to be mainly a female thing.

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Written by   854
2 months ago
Topics: Psychologie, Psyche, Butterfly, Life, 2022, ...
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