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Old year's day

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4 months ago

'New Year's Eve' what a strange expression is used for a day that has nothing to do with the last day of the year. With us in the Netherlands it's called "Old years day" and if the evening starts "Old year's evening". If you ask me these expressions fit better to the day it is today. December 31, 2020.

I cannot help but the date sounds futuristic to me and the future I already live in disappoints me. It's by far not what the world should look like once shown in films. Those first films I saw. It's true " Brave new world" became true and so did "Animal farm", and " 1884" did, Nostradamus will be right, and the latest films about the future (you know them: a lost, grey world, people chipped and eyes and, living in gangs and no economic pharmaceutical industry included) will be true too. Not for me because I will be dead at that time. To be honest it feels like a relief. I never belonged to those who wanted to live forever but am the one who will scream "freedom!

Freedom is what death means to me. I am too realistic to see that better world. People will never unite because it's not in our DNA. If it comes to it we like our own DNA most of it. Animals are not different from them. The white horse is kicked by the other horses and only dogs born in a mixed best are kind of social.

Only one greedy person is needed to spoil it for the rest. Whole nations are punished for a few their behavior like teachers punish an entire classroom because of one single kid that misbehaves. The teacher shows us how unfair life is and it's easier for them this way. Governments do the same and some parents do too although many of them punish one child if the other misbehave because that one should know better, be the wisest.

What is wisdom? If you ask me not the way we live today. Governments can be blamed, ministers can but we should be responsible for our deeds, behavior. Vaccination will not save nations, not stop spreading the virus. The coronavirus will be part of our lives and if you do not care about your health or cannot care about it you get I'll and have a 2% chance to end up in the hospital. This 2% is always more than the chance to be operated on within 6 weeks or to receive medical help. " Hospitals are not full," I told a friend abroad, 'there are beds but no nurses. Today they are there, tomorrow they stay home." She didn't answer because she lives in fear, something she already suffered from before the WHO decided "we have a pandemic let's register who does."

If you follow the latest news worldwide you know what "they" say changes by the minute. The WHO and governments who wanted us to take the vaccine (no matter which one) aren't that sure any longer it helps but there's no way back and later, one day if this is all behind us, they might discuss all those things that went wrong. Btw this is exactly what was said after the Mexican flu crisis and what went wrong at that time goes wrong again. It's not a coincidence but done on purpose.

According to the papers the Netherlands will be the last country in the EU that will start vaccinating. I have strong doubts about that but I can't say it's a bad thing. Too much already went wrong from spoiled vaccines to too high doses and those being vaccinated suddenly tested positive. I guess it's good to learn from mistakes made by others and hope this is the case.

Today it is old year's day. With us, it is an ordinary day and people have to work. Schools are closed and might be closed because outbreaks of the mutation of the virus are at primary schools. What again made governments and specialists truly believe children won't get sick or infect others?

Tonight many Dutch people will eat oliebollen and some bought firework although it's forbidden. Something my friend living in Belgium says is over there for years. Someone suggested we can use the horn of our car at midnight, in Belgium, the church bells will be heard and people should go outside and clap their hands. "I think I will be in bed at that time," I told her and she said she would be too.

Let's hope the police are busy and will not stop by and check our living. The mood to celebrate left me and I do not like to be wakened up by them.

Drones are an option too but it's not a firework. No one scares the old, nasty ghosts away with a drone. Besides you need a paper for that too.


The Past

The Future

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Written by   631
4 months ago
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