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3 months ago

It annoys me when others decide where to give my money. Now that happens every day and I buy a lot of things that I don't really need. Not only is the government forcing me to buy things I can live without, but schools are much worse. Long lists of books and school supplies that were never used have been pressed into my hand in my more than 30 years as a parent. School supplies ranging from books, notebooks, special pens, inkwells, paint, poor quality gym t-shirts with ugly prints, sports shoes, school clothes, smart clothes that were worn no more than 1 to 2 times a year, lots of gifts for teachers their birthdays, parties, anniversaries, pregnancies and farewells while this teacher never thought about my child or even harassed him or did not even know. Costs for school trips and copies and how about the cleaning package to be brought along twice a year? A cleaning kit that contained toilet paper, tissues, and napkins that my children have never seen. At school, you can never find a bar of soap or toilet paper, except for the teacher's toilet! So anyone who as a child has nothing in their pocket is walking with urine, sweeping the poo, and the menstruating girls with blood on their ass. What is left of upbringing, and hygiene if children are smelly and dirty in the classroom all day and come home like that? My only consolation is that the teacher gets to sit in a smelly school all day.

Now my son needs a suit. Why at the moment everyone is unclear. School is not over yet after this year there is still 1 year.

The tailor came to take measurements, but not my son's. For years he didn't even grow 1 centimeter but last year he had a growth spurt. That's not uncommon, although the dentist claimed he had grown and made fun of me for saying it wasn't.

My son's size was not taken. He said it wasn't, the classmates said it was. It turned out not to so the tailor came to measure his measurements last week.

Last Friday my son took the suit home and it doesn't fit at all. The sleeves are too short and sewn in badly.

Sure this is work of a tailor?

The pants are way too wide and the legs are too narrow and too short.

Lift your jacket, I said.

What the f@©k

My son's comment that he doesn't like narrow legs (even trying to get your feet through them is not easy) was ignored by the tailor. The fabric is thin and of poor quality.

The supplied white shirt reaches halfway up his upper legs. According to my son, the previous shirt she gave him was too small and this is also the second pair of pants. In the first example, the pants did not rise above the pubic bone.

My son is skinny so it's not that because of fat legs, a big belly, or ass it is difficult to make a suitable book.

The class teacher said she wanted everyone to wear the same suit and to be able to wear it more than once. Now I agree with that but in such a rag my son can't show himself on the street, can't apply for a job, can't work, can't go to a party or go out for dinner. He can't even sit in it. What I find worst is that no one said how badly it fits. That suit doesn't fit at all. Not even the tailor mentioned it.

According to my youngest, this is normal. Nobody says what if your clothes don't fit or are broken if your bag tears open and your books fall out or if your hair is weird. You can literally bleed to death on the street. I wonder what is wrong with society. Does no one dare to speak their mind anymore, is everyone so apathetic, is this gloating or lack of style and taste?

I'm done with it. Today the failed costume goes back to school. I will not pay 180 euros for cloth that does not fit, is of poor quality, and in which my child feels unhappy. I know already it will go straight into the waste container.

"Have a look", I say and show my child some suits and also what pleated pants are. These pairs of trousers were popular in the '20s, and '80s and are today again.

Two more weeks to go. We'll look for something better ourselves, otherwise, I'll rent a tuxedo.

"You can tell the teacher I said it," I tell my son before he leaves, "If the teacher doesn't agree, has something to say she can call me!"

That teacher will not call me, I already know she won't. Teachers never call me and do not enter into a conversation with me. Parents with an opinion, parents who do not agree with every idiocy and stand up for their child are invariably shunned.

I text my child another and tell him which shops he can visit when he arrives back in the villages. There are at least two stores selling suits and there is even a bridal shop that rents out party clothes. I refuse to fill the pocket of the friends of the teacher or school if the quality is not provided. I prefer to buy something from the local shops anyway and otherwise, I can buy it online.

Note: My child just called and said he returned the suit. I'm glad he did not pay for it already. The teacher didn't seem to care. Suddenly it's no big deal. I know my child feels relieved. He finds it hard to fight for his right and say what's on his mind but if he doesn't people will always fool him. I just found suits on C&A (times changed they have an online shop as well). Not the best of the best but the quality is way better than what this tailor made.

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3 months ago


Yes my friend. It's really important that the student or pupils comfortable what they wear especially their uniforms.

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3 months ago