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Money talks

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5 months ago
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Does it? Most money in circulation does not say a word. It is untouchable and not even longer in the wallet. Instead of money, people walk around with plastic cards. That card is the payment method, at least if you have enough balance in your account. If this is not the case, you will find out at the cash register when you do not have your finances in order or when you are shopping like crazy. I don't do the latter anymore. At this very moment, I think: why care? War or not I only buy what I really need or what is finished. If the shops are out of it it's a pity. I might try next week.

Since yesterday I eat my own lettuce and for a week or two, we are eating cherries. Cherries are healthy and the cherry season will be over soon. I picked about 8-9 kilograms so far. So I am trying out some recipes so that we can eat cherries differently.

Most of the recipes are good, but not all of them seem to stay as good in the jars I use. I like the cherry flan filling best and today I finally baked that flan. I still pick over a kilo of cherries daily, which I process the next day.

Money talks? Could it have something to do with the new slogan of a supermarket? 'Every penny counts' is what they have in mind and the slogan says 'more stays in your wallet'. That will be their wallet rather than the customer his. Will there be more in my wallet when I shop there? More money I mean? That should be the (mine) intention, but not because this shop is so cheap. When I see their special offers folder, I notice that a lot of it is not even a special offer. It contains products that the shop does not normally sell. When I leaf through this brochure, I think of almost everything: luckily I don't need all that. The few articles that are on sale and I want to buy them turn out to be out of stock. It is remarkable how this shop lures customers with out-of-stock offers and a folder with more and more products for which you pay the full amount. Those weekly offers? I suspect they will soon be gone.

Just like during the lockdowns, certain chains of shops are making huge sales. Some people did too. There are 600 million new millionaires born during the lockdowns, a crisis! They spend time with their new money now. Unlike the plebs' money, which is just a figment of the imagination, the rich man's money is loud and clear. It screams for attention and wants more, more and more. It is not for nothing that the money presses of the central banks run day and night. The people's money does not talk and has no power.

Those supermarkets... I am waiting for the moment when everything looks like it did 10-15 years ago. An almost empty shop with a single product. You must be lucky if you can buy what is on your shopping list. Maybe you need to be lucky to be allowed into the shop soon too?

Food is expensive, life is expensive.

Looking back, it has never been different. I have spent my whole life adding up the amounts of my groceries in the shop so that before I arrive at the cashier I know I have enough money to pay. Usually, I have exactly enough.

For a few weeks, I go to the market once a week.

Here I buy milk and sometimes fruit and vegetables or anything else that is sold and I need. I pay in cash, I have never seen a pin machine there, which is nice. I don't make more money with me than I want to spend. I know the prices by head.

For the time being, I have my own mint for tea, my own salad, dill, cherries, eggs and besides that I make my own yoghurt I can bake if necessary cake, bread and pie. I have syrup, marmalade and much more I don't need. My money? It does not come in handy. It keeps quiet in my wallet. Now and then I check if it is still there. Sometimes I count the coins just to know how much I have left and because they say counting money does make one feel happy. The current coins I count do not shine at me, say nothing and will soon lose value and with that, there's no need to own them unless you are a collector or love to have a memory of the old times. The wealthy will hunt for money but not because their money never stops talking.

Does the rich never have enough?

'Trust No One - The hunt for the crypto king' is a documentary that makes it clear that money just like cryptocurrencies talks. Those who have money cannot be trusted, are tricky and always want more. There is no goodwill, philanthropic acts or helpfulness. It's all about the money and whoever has it will do anything to pretend to be better than he is and to seize power at the same time.

Everything is for sale, they say, and the higher the need, the easier it is to buy your fellow man. Those who believe that slavery is forbidden and something from hundreds of years ago are wrong.

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Avatar for wakeupkitty
Written by   853
5 months ago
Topics: Writing, Column, 2022, Life, Experiences, ...
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