Let go

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Let go! First thought two children fighting over a toy. A car or doll. It is something both want but wanting something is not good. You are taught that at preschool when you are 2.5 years old. At that age, it is quite normal to explore, to set boundaries and to say no to everything. No is a beautiful word. Yet as a toddler, you are not allowed to stand up for yourself. You are not allowed to have anything for yourself, not to play alone undisturbed but you have to share everything. Always having to share everything makes you sick, very sick. If you don't learn how to set boundaries at a young age, you will not only have trouble doing so but will also be dominated, bullied and threatened by others for the rest of your life.

Is that what a parent wants for his child, letting the child be someone else's doormat? Unnoticed, this behaviour is instilled in them by schools. Schools do not invenst in the individual wellbeing nor in that of the group. What is important is to create a willing, obedient mob that does what is asked. A teacher does not want a student who is more intelligent and knows better. The government does not want a people with their own will but a slavish people who obey orders and fall in line. Self-thinking, self-reliance is forbidden just like possession.

Ten years back, people laughed at this remark but today it is the bitter truth. Perhaps not everywhere in the world yet but that will come. Governments have long since sold their land and betrayed the people. Those who feel displaced, no longer individuals will be concerned with something other than the agendas of a select few who want to rule the world and own everything. For this select group, being allowed to own nothing, share fairly and blend in does not count. They are allowed to have an opinion, propagate that opinion and oppress, manipulate and extort others with impunity. No preschool, kindergarten, or other teacher cares. You never hear the parents of these dictators and thugs either. Are they proud of what their child has achieved? Does the apple not fall far from the tree or are there also parents who are ashamed of their devil spawn?

Many children do not become that what parents expected of them as they have grown up. Much has changed in the western world in the past 40 years. Respect for the elderly has disappeared and although a few still complain about child labour, everyone knows by now that the young do not have the future. The average youth is a bored, work-shy, uneducated hanf youth who would rather terrorise a neighbourhood and gamble than work. Today's youth have few interests and skills. Today's youth do not know how to build a country after crisis and war and are used to getting paid to do nothing or riot. Looking back, it fits exactly into the agenda that a world power pursues. The stupid, dependent people have been bred and I am overjoyed that I no longer have small children, but also that I don't have children who can't do anything, play truant, are always bored and hang out in the streets threatening other people.

I would not be proud when my child did that, not happy when my child manipulates and kills others. Without scams, lies, cheating and murder, you will never get rich but there is also such a thing as carefree sleep. Being surrounded by bodyguards all the time seems terrible to me. Those who have a lot also have a lot to lose.

The poor are getting poorer I read, but in the end, those who are poor cannot get poorer. After all, nothing can never become less than nothing.

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What a nice piece of work ma'am.

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