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I have enough

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3 months ago
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Every now and then I read something and I think I recognise this.

The last time I had that was a few days ago. It was about the environmental issue, the CO2 hype and the provoked war that will cause more shortages, though you cannot blame Putin for that. Neither is Ukraine to blame for a grain or food shortage. Even without Ukraine and Russia, there is still plenty to eat.

Meanwhile, the price of a barrel of oil is going down again because reserves are being used. Sooner or later those reserves will have to be replenished. Those who regularly snack from the pantry or take something out without buying new should not be surprised if one day it is empty.

We have forgotten to prepare for autumn, a harsh winter, because there are always shops that have exactly what we are looking for. We do not wonder if there will be anything left tomorrow. Stock is something the shop takes care of, you just have to go over there and put what you need in your basket and what isn't available they will order for you on request.

What hardly anyone knows is that modern shops don't have stock anymore. What is finished is ordered and if everything works as we are used to, a lorry with what has been ordered will deliver it early next morning. But what if those lorries no longer drive daily, will you still have enough?

I remember the situation from about 12 years ago.

The first penny supermarket did not sell much. Some sugar, flour, long-life milk, two packs of chicken fillets in the refrigerated display case. Over the years, more and more shelves and products were added. Several times I saw the shop being renovated. It is interesting to see how quickly people forget that not so long ago, we were waiting in line to get in and just ate what was available at the time. Queuing up because there was sugar or flour for sale that day. If so you bought one more so that you had still something once there was no more sugar or flour for sale.

It doesn't matter to me any more, someone wrote on Telegram, I have enough.

When I read that, I recognised it. It doesn't matter to me either, because I have enough too. I will survive the winter, I hardly do any shopping anyway. I am not busy with food all day long and because I hardly need groceries anymore, a slightly higher price doesn't matter to me either. Over the years, more and more groceries have disappeared from my shopping list. Whenever I look at a sales brochure, I think: luckily I don't need all that stuff any more and I feel relieved.

In the shop I only take what I need. I take the short route and skip whole aisles. I don't need anything anymore and all those ready-made products look increasingly unattractive to me.

I have enough.

The truth is I have tried enough during my life and learned that what you buy is rarely as good as what you make yourself. All that chemically prepared ready-made food and drink is certainly not good for us and the environment. That is what they want us to believe because, according to the WEF, farmers are the big polluters, farmers and animals. The truth is that industry is the main polluter, and without people, industry would not exist.

The world may look a little cleaner than it did during the industrial revolution, but it certainly is not. Companies are just a bit smarter about keeping all their (chemical) waste out of sight, but just because the average person doesn't see it doesn't mean it doesn't exist.

As long as the industry continues and expands, the proof is there that everything that is claimed today is a lie.

I have enough, fortunately. I am not worried. Those MSM doomsday scenarios? I honestly do not care any more.


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Written by   853
3 months ago
Topics: Writing, Column, Life, 2022, Blogging, ...
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