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Homemade drunk

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1 year ago

Did you ever brew your own beer, made your own wine?

They say it's not difficult and one of the easiest methods of brewing beer was with a piece of bread. There was a time beer was a drink for all ages. It wasn't even seen as alcohol. I guess what is consumed by everyone (water was no option for centuries) will be easier labeled as such than wine. Wine is more for the upper class, the upper class, and the church (leaders) of course.

Things have changed. Wine can be bought by everyone although it's questionable if what you drink is wine at all. Coolant is one of those ingredients you find back in cheap wine, coolant, and more stuff one shouldn't consume at all but once you are addicted money is important, you do not care about good health and you lost your fine taste if you ever had one at all. The only thing you want is to swallow whatever it is to give you a kick or at least you hope for one.

Buying fruit and making wine out it yourself is too much trouble for a drunk but it's not said an alcoholic won't provide in his needs this way. I met them living in between the huge bottles good for all the wine they needed. It was made out of different kinds of fruit. It's a smart way of hiding you are an addict. You are not just the charming brewer willing to share his good products with those who are interested. You are the one who happily accepts the apples with worms because it's a waste to throw them away and once others tasted your product they are perplexed about the great result. It's clear this wine tastes after more.

Device: mobile phone

Egg timer: 10 minutes

Grammarly - no wifi

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Written by   738
1 year ago
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There are many kinds of wine, they are not harmful to the body, it depends on the use that the person gives it. the problem is when it becomes an addition.

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1 year ago