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Happy birthday your highness

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5 months ago

The king... he is not popular I read in today's newspaper. A photo of a man who could use a shower was shown. This is the king? It is and he's a man who never seems to care about his weight, being overweighted or his looks. For sure he isn't the Prince Charming Disney shows us or we had in mind hearing a fairy tale. What happened to those young, handsome princes girls dreamed about and loved to get married to? The one on the photo has no class, no style, is puffy and unshaved. For some reason, he never fits into his suit. His beard might make him look older but it's not a trustworthy face, one you would like on a poster above your bed or on a painting in your living or office. What we are facing is the prototype of a dirty, soon old, man. In some way, his appearance reminds of his grandfather and not only if it comes to the beard.
His grandfather, the man with the beard, didn't take his marriage very seriously and was a danger on the road. The king has a lot in common with this man and it's hard to see his father in him. The grandfather and king are what we call "road pirates". Both never cared about the victims of the accidents they made. It seems to be a royal thing or something for VIPs to get away with a bad, dangerous driving style.

The king... this man seems to be stubborn according to an insider. This insider is nameless which makes it hard to know if it's true (royal family are mainly mentioned in gossip magazines) but it might be the explanation for his behaviour. Behaviour which makes him less popular year after year.
Too stubborn to take advice from someone else he is, someone who should tell him what to do and is paid for it. Paid, at least we assume this is the case, with a part of the nearly 6 million the king receives for his employers and expenses only. Nearly 6 million people have to give to him for expenses he could pay from his income of 1 million euros! (Or does he invests this amount in Bitcoin cash because he won't be king forever?)

The king is not the only person in the royal family with an income. His wife and children receive one as well. Just like many, I wonder for what exactly he is paid. The king doesn't reign either is his family. Not even during a crisis or at moments the country is without a government.
Instead, the king and his family are at home or on their next vacation. They don't sit on a throne and advice or take decisions but most likely dine more than anyone else which shows.
It's clear royalty isn't in need of anything but also they are old enough to get dressed by themselves. So the question is why they receive such an extremely high budget and also why a man who doesn't show his face, isn't close to the people and always on his way for his next vacation abroad is still king. What exactly is the benefit of this man, this family? A royal family isn't something to brag about. Why is it that we keep them, let them live in extreme luxury land keep paying their bills, filling their savings if they are absent in times of need and not interested in what is going on?

The king... He is losing more and more of his "popularity". The reality might be shocking if everyone would be asked.
Sadly enough the other members of the royal family are not liked either and it's interesting they do not care. They are strangers, empty people to the nation, a nation in distress, forced to pay for a last bit of history.

It's only once or twice a year the king sits on a throne. He reads out loud the text he didn't write. He isn't a great reader and didn't read what was handed over to him first. He makes mistakes, his wife calls him "dumb" and the nation can not smile about it because he isn't a cute, little boy. The people feel bitter, no longer watch him on tv because they know tomorrow the story will be told differently. They know they are the ones who have to tighten their belts while "your highness" is untightening his while crisis or not his income increases. The king... he assures we are in this crisis together, we have to stay home and stick to the restrictions but in the meanwhile his suitcase is packed, and his private plane leaves because his family has such a tough life and need to destress.
If you consider this it's not strange this man and his family aren't popular, they are seen as intruders, parasites/and it's time we get rid of them because they only cost money. Money most people rather use to buy food for themselves and their children.

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Written by   736
5 months ago
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