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Internet. For me, it's not really the place where I spend time and have fun. Therefore, I will never understand the people who spend day and night here. I don't see the Internet as something where I can have fun. For me, it is a reference work. Not that I always find the answer to my question. Also, I don't use google so what I see is limited. I don't have a youtube account and I haven't used Twitter for a long time either. No, I don't believe Elon Musk is making social media better. Nor does he with the world we live in. He pollutes more and emits more CO2 than all the residents in Europe can economise. With that CO2 story and concern for Mother Nature, it's not so bad otherwise rich and VIPs would leave their jets idle, not build an underground city for themselves and not provoke and fight wars.

I am not and never have been much of a polluter or waster. Used wrapping paper I save like any piece of paper I can write on. With me, the heating has always been on low, and touring in the car for fun I have never done either. Maybe I should have done all that then I would know why the "new world order" now requires me to economise, live frugally and sit in the cold.

I would like to see Schwab, Soros, Rockefeller, Gates, Fauci, Rutte, and all the others who call themselves benefactors living my life for a year or two, or let's make it five years. Just doing everything myself, never showering hot, eating meagre food, and sitting in the cold. With any luck, they will still be laid-back, normal people although I suspect they are too brainwashed for that.

I am frugal and save what I think will come in handy one day. You would expect more people to think this way. Especially those who lived through a war if only as children or have parents who survived a war. There is nothing wrong with being frugal with what you have. Unfortunately, in 2022, people would rather throw something away because it is not hip than wait until it is worn down to the wire.

Apart from wrapping paper, I also have old roof tiles and collect bricks or pieces of brick. Wood I also keep like old iron. Iron I still find in the ground. The ironmonger pays for it.

A banana box with received knitting yarn is also still there. Nothing more came of knitting due to health reasons and recently I started crocheting. Why crochet? Because I don't have the necessary knitting needles. Meanwhile, I have crocheted two pairs of long-arm warmers and today I started the next project. I want to use up the leftover knitting yarn before starting a cardigan. As long as I went itchy and don't have to sneeze, I'll just keep crocheting. It would be relaxing and good for your health. This is not what I claim but what a woman who had a good job as a therapist said. She teaches crochet classes online now instead and started her own crochet business.

Since I didn't really know what to make out of the leftover knitting yarn, I went to see that lady in question. Through her, I ended up with Mike who showed me a beautiful scarf. It costs a lot because the yarn he used is not cheap. I was not familiar with the crochet stitch he used.

I didn't come across that crochet stitch again but I did find a video on youtube (also not a favourite of mine) by Tinna. What beautiful blankets she makes! And while I am about to fall asleep, I watch a part of the video in which she knits some cheerful mittens. I cannot make the same ones due to a lack of knitting yarn but I now know what I am going to make and I have learned something again.

Crocheting costs more wool than knitting but I'll keep on crocheting for now. As I crochet, I think of @marblely and he beautiful and colourful creations. I wonder what happened to all those creative people who were once around. Maybe no one knits and crochets anymore or they are too busy to join surf the world wide web?

November 2, 2022

It's Autumn let's bring some colour into our lives.

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Sincerely, I prefer the internet to the real world

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