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Give the people alcohol

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2 months ago

Alcohol and drunkards do make a great match. If you ever dealt with alcoholism, lived with a boozer you know it's a struggle a real battle to make them stop. Most likely they will never give up on the liquid that should make them forgot, feel better. At first, it might work for a few hours but those hours change into one hour, 20 minutes, 5 minutes soon. An alcoholic gets used to his intake and needs more, and more, and more alcoholic drinks with a higher percentage of alcohol to feel better (read: nothing) again. It can be hard to recognize an alcoholic because not every drunk show aggression, scolds, insults and molest others. Not every drunk speaks nonsense if s/he has a chat with you. Some are still charming, entertaining while others are silent observers, get depressed or fall asleep.

Governments have the benefit of all those who buy alcohol. They don't care if the users like the taste of it. They hardly care about the health of the nation especially not if the barfly spends and keeps his mouth shut. Of course, they do pretend consuming alcohol is bad for the health but where money is involved one cannot be too picky. Alcoholics will buy their drug, they keep drinking and paying a high tax if not twice over each glass of beer, every bottle of wine or gin, vodka or whatever is for sale at the shops and there is a lot. We all know a government needs an income and taxes are meant to fill what we call the "schatkist" (treasury) which is not meant to be spend for people in need but to fill the pockets of a few. Those few who most likely 'dine and wine' better than we do gives some more reasons to drink in the hope to forget the miserable life they are living.

Low self-esteem, not willing to admit and face issues, not seeing a way out of misery, debts, loneliness, depression are all good reasons to open the next bottle and the next and... the next.
The announcement of the pandemic in 2019 didn't make the situation any better. Buying alcohol after 8 p.m., not drinking alcohol after 6 p.m. outside didn't mean we live in a country without drunks by now. On the contrary. The number of drunks increased.
While in some countries governments permitted the liquor stores to open their doors (creating a nation of drunks is an interesting way to control the people) the other part of the world ordered alcohol online.
Guess who earned most during the pandemic next to Big Pharma and governments while many went bankrupt and/or lost their job.

The pandemic will not end. It was announced earlier because the WHO changed the rules. It's clear a Big Reset started and the coronavirus is a window of opportunities. The pandemic is not meant to save the elderly and our vulnerable fellows. They are useless in a world suffering from an economic crisis, a world that is ruled by only a few who fight overpopulation. Smart people are not needed during and after the Big Reset. Too dangerous so "give the people alcohol" (brain killing, impotent..) is today's slogan. Of course, this can not be shouted out loud which means a trick is needed to make the nation believe there's no hidden agenda, it's not about the money.

The Dutch government increases the prices twice a year (January and July) and the shops before each holiday.
From July 1st, 2021 on it's no longer allowed to sell alcohol with a discount. (You know what I mean: paying one bottle getting the second for free. You don't? Neither do I.) With this "great" move the government claims to fight alcoholism! The alcohol they make a big income out of while Big Pharma earns by selling painkillers and more to fight the alcohol effects.
There's no need to make a study out of this "experiment" because hundreds of years of alcoholism prove you are an alcoholic for life? It's questionable if the AA has more members most likely not. The drinkers will continue drinking till the moment they drop dead. They can and will not stop because a family member needs new socks or shoes. Alcoholics do not care about others. They are selfish and with a family, they, drag everyone down in their pit of misery and violence. It feels as if they have a lot in common with the politicians. Even the lies and promises are the same.

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Written by   719
2 months ago
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There's really nothing we can do that will make those drunkards stop from drinking alcohols.

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2 months ago

Yes. The only thing that would stop them us when THEY GET SICK. Trust me, this is also the same to my dad, but he was a smoker though. No strategy worked on him, he continued smoking even if our government made a law to make the cigar prices higher. However he got into critical condition last 2019 due to complications in both his liver and kidney. Face palm During the last few months before being confined, he also got into drinking that is why.

Now that he's recovered, he does not smoke anymore.

These alcoholics sometimes need a good lesson to wake them up.

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2 months ago