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I've had enough! Anyone who claims the countryside is quiet and peaceful is wrong. The farmer does not care about other residents. He works only on Sundays and public holidays. He does not care if there are people who need their sleep or want to enjoy peace and quiet after a week of hard work.
The sheep make the road and land dirty and broken. Walking, walking the dog is almost impossible. There is sheep shit everywhere and you have to slither through the poop and mud to get to the car while the sheepdogs are too stupid to recognize me and my car after all these years and keep barking and attacking.
Are those dogs even vaccinated against rabies I ask when I have one of those bitches off my leg. I get no answer but the dog in question has suddenly disappeared. Not that it matters because there are still seven of them and the old bitch does give birth to a litter twice a year, a few of which always stay alive and herd the sheep.
The barking hurts my ears, the heavy sound of the tractor echoes all day and the ground shakes like the walls of the house.
In the countryside, sound carries far. You can hear the traffic, the train, the dogs, and music from far and wide. Jet fighters, fighter planes just love to practice over the countryside and our home.
It has been freezing hard and then thawing. The battle with the sheep farmer lasted for years. The municipality has banned sheep from walking on the road, the land must be used for this purpose. Of course, the farmer did not do that. A farmer does not let himself be dictated to by a newcomer that is a loss of face. After a few months, he only allows the sheep to walk across the fields, but after a few years, everything is as it was.
No more than a greeting but no closer. The farmer, the shepherd, the hunter, the poacher should none of them bully away the intruder is their motto. They assume that they can, a trifle after all everyone who came has always left and their house and land has always been nicked.

The sheep walk everywhere, a fence does not bother the shepherd. He chases the flock and dogs across the land while staying outside the fence himself. Free fodder is so much better than buying cattle feed. The flock does not look healthy. Some of the sheep are walking on their knees. No vet or cadaver service comes here to eat the dead sheep. They are food for the dogs and their carcasses are thrown on the moor. Sooner or later, scavengers and flies will eat the bones bare. Burying them is a waste of time and energy and the carcasses are not left to rot in their own homes.

I see the herd coming and going. There are more and more of them. They leave a trail of dirt and destruction. The smell of urine is heavy and holding one's breath a hopeless task. No longer do I hear the dull bangs of the hunters but now I see them too. The hunting season here is long. Just say the whole year. Here, an animal is not put out of its misery with a shot but is left to run on until it collapses on its own, like the horse that has had a painfully swollen leg for months and cannot stand.

The countryside with all its grumpy people, the many inconveniences and nuisances from farmers, animals, and people who visit it to leave their rubbish does me no good. I even imagine missing my very first noisy flat on the outskirts of a strict religious village.

After all these years, I have lost my inner peace and feel an increasing need for freedom. Freedom! Do I hear the highlander in me calling out as I slice a lone potato, freedom!

I still go out as little as possible but today is the day. Suddenly, an online shop with weapons appeared on my screen. Why does Poople do that? Well, they must know, know what I need after all the internet is powerful and omniscient. With the click of a button, I bought an arsenal of weapons. The freedom and need for peace scream inside me!
Down with the farmer, those visitors, the sheepdogs with their yapping that makes my head hurt. Away with everything that makes noise. I release the horses and tell them to go for a nice walk before the dogs in kennels and on leashes get their freedom back. Freedom! Screams it in me.

The herd of sheep has stifled freedom long enough. The flock has had its day. Like the hunters and poachers, I go out and whoever comes after me, gives me a hard time, barks at me, or dumps their shit where I walk will never do it again. I guarantee you that.

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It's the best feeling when we commit what we called freedom my friend. Where we feel and we see the freedom we aim for.

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3 months ago

It is. Thanks for responding. A great December month. 🍀♥️

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2 months ago