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The cartoon

"We wanted to see each other, despite a mutual reluctance to brave the bad-tempered congestion of high summer traffic."

"The bad-tempered congestion of high summer traffic?" Give me a break Ben. This story took long enough and you can stop the formal shit. I have to end this case as soon as possible. The clock is ticking. Within a few hours, I hit the road.
Let's see what we have now. A missing girl showing up after two decades. She's alive and fond of salty peanut butter bars. Someone gave them to her for two decades. Can you imagine that? Old bars kept her healthy and alive.
We know, I know, the girl was taken and stayed at the Gordon's house. Mrs. Gordon told me plus the little one was taken away and given to someone...

That girl knows more, knows something, might have forgotten it. Do you know she asked me to help her get back her memory? Anyway, she heard someone shout, cry for a doll. Let's pretend it's the one left for you. She said she didn't recognize it as I showed it to her but she was sure she heard someone scream. Cry out loud for his doll!"

Fidelo had a hard time to temper himself. He was furious and felt he was used and fooled by the young officer he trusted.

"Well, Mrs. Gordon is dead. I assume that is no news for you. I'm sure your foster dad told you he would take care of it."

The chief flipped through the file on his desk.

"I'm... wait he isn't your foster dad but your dad. The man who called you a cry baby and we both know why, don't we? Your dad, a dirty, corrupt cop and child molester wanted you to be a real guy, a man for a change. Someone like him. You pissed him off with your behavior. Abusing little children was his style, idea of being a man, just like humiliating women, but being gay, you being gay, was the limit. You ran off. Did your friend know? The one who left you the bag with the wraps and doll?
There's no need to say anything. Your friend told me everything. You let him down, saved yourself, and hoped someone else would have the guts to save what could be saved."

Miraculously, nobody was injured as Ben arose and shoot himself a way out of the inspector's office at 6 a.m. All officers had gathered in the hallway to help decorate for the chief's farewell party. It wouldn't be as big as usual but a pie was ordered, the coffee and room would be finished within one hour and money was collected from which a present was bought by the officer at the front desk.
It didn't turn out to be Ben's lucky day. The death of Mrs. Gordon was a shock to him and the fact the chief knew he was gay had shocked him even more. He wasn't sure what more the chief figured out about him and his past. Escaping from the place he thought he would be safe and not recognized was the only thing he could think about. The whole world was his enemy, it always had been this way. That doll... it was dangerous to keep it and he had felt relieved as Fidelo said he would take it. Show it to the girl and kept the evidence safe.
As he ran outside it was a stupid street dog that caused his fall. Only a few minutes later he was locked in.

"Better say nothing till you have a lawyer. You can make a call if you like."

Since Ben didn't answer he left him alone with the two other inmates left with the words "I believe you already met the others?"

Next to him, Ben's friend was housed and in the cell opposite of them sat the doll keeping an eye on both of them.

Not only a hot cup of coffee waited for the chief inspector but so did Magda.

"There was an auction that might be of your interest."

"To be honest there isn't much of my interest these days. How did you get in here?"

She placed a copy of her file on his desk.

"Goodbye Fidelo it was nice to meet you. You know what? It's true what they say. It's time for your retirement."

She closed the door behind her as she left. The sun shone and it made the world a better place. Time and date were set with the buyer of the doll and Fidelo was the one who would meet him or perhaps Ben would. She was sure the chief figured it out. She had done her part of the job.

"One day more won't harm you old man, "

As she drove away from the parking lot she noticed the 'old man' in front of the window watching her while he drank his coffee. It was time to pick up Jim and meet their daughter. The last step she would take to finally close the case of the missing girl. The only thing she hoped for was the parents of the found bodies could do the same.

The story ended or perhaps it did not because Fidelo didn't leave yet and a doll lover will show up soon.

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I loved the story. Ben was the worst of all.

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3 years ago

He turned out to be the worst indeed. Thanks for reading and commenting. 💕

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3 years ago

Finally, Ben was apprehended. He really is a coward, and he even tried to shoot his way out of the station. Karma is real, and in the end, he had a watchdog in the person of that very accursed doll 😁

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3 years ago

As long as the owner or the buyer of the doll doesn't show up he needs to face it...

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3 years ago


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3 years ago