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Everything will be fine

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2 months ago
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Ideas, plans, their implementation, the final decision that is is never really clear who decides. Every decision-maker has a boss above him. Someone who pulls the strings makes his puppet move because he knows something, it is possible.

Who owns all the plans that are forged to drive people and countries into the abyss? We will never know the truth. The truth is what the majority believes even if it is the biggest lie.

There has been a lot of lying in the past centuries. Who studies the history of mankind recognizes the pattern

The time is ripe for the next world war and this one will last another 5 to 10 years. No human being can store enough food, clothing, shoes, and medicines for such a long period.

While sportsmen, doctors, and pilots drop dead like flies, the latest injection is already being prepared. An injection that has not yet been tested on humans, but is probably the same one that has an interesting effect on the brains of mice. Interesting for whoever is pulling the strings, and that is not Joe Biden. He is in fact a puppet himself. The convenient idiot about whom the media is silent, the same media that does everything in its power to conceal the truth.

Do you remember all those 'conspiracy theories' from two years ago? In the meantime, everything that was claimed then has turned out to be true. Strangely enough, the press is silent. They have to because their salaries come out of the pocket of Reuters, which in turn is owned by...

MSM is silent about the hoax C19. It is a good thing that there is another war going on, it is distracting. At least that is what people thought but unfortunately, it does not distract enough. The majority of the world's population, according to the western press, supports the enemy (is the enemy the real enemy, or is this another political game of the WEF drama club?).

When things do not turn out as expected, power comes into play. Zelensky cannot give peace. He did not hesitate to say out loud that if he had gone into talks with Russia, many millions a month would have passed him by. Of course, he is not going to win the fight, the war. He is not a planner, not a strategist, but even that does not matter to him as long as he gets his money. Maintaining a couple of villas in Switzerland is certainly not cheap. Certainly not with the current gas and energy prices.

While young children in Ukraine are cheerfully singing songs at school with hate texts inciting genocide, Biden's staff is stoking up the fire around Taiwan. China had better be kept busy in its own country instead of interfering in a provoked war elsewhere. China is once again being portrayed as the bad guy. Do you remember? The C19 virus was made in a lab there and escaped and the Chinese dropped dead on the street. All a lie, but the lie had the desired effect even though it was America's Fauci whose lab and payments made this possible. Indeed Fauci the animal monger who years ago predicted an epidemic that did not come true. That is probably why he was allowed to speak again this time. The perfect slave, puppet, who will be removed and disposed of as soon as he is no longer needed.

The only one who can do that is the one with the most money and on whom everyone depends. He is also the chief executor of the age-old plan and thus the owner of the world and mankind. a humanity that, as my child's history teacher once said, is too stupid to see the truth and therefore does not deserve to live.

That sounds a bit like what the government says about the people: too stupid to vote for the only, right party. Stupid people should not be allowed to vote in elections and anyone who does not vote for the current government is stupid.

Fortunately, there is a solution for everything.

A planned epidemic is good to make the rabble live in fear and even have them inject themselves with an experimental drug. Even a drug that is different from what was requested.

The frightened man curses and accuses others, spreads hatred, and threatens, but the jab is the solution to that too. The excess mortality rate has never been so high. What C19 could not do, Moderna, J&J, and Pfizer could do.

Will the war cause famine, lack of gas, electricity, and all kinds of products? Oh no. That too is a lie spread by the media. The fear must be well established and remain now that co-vi-d is no longer alive. Have you noticed that the virus does not occur in war zones?

In 2020 and 2021, every death was caused by the coronavirus, this has never been the case since the vaccination. Suddenly it is unknown why a person dies and it is called sudden death without cause.

War provides a fresh start.

A new beginning to cover up the failed policies of the governments. Inflation and skyrocketing debt no longer matter just like people.

A world war means fewer people and fewer people mean fewer wishes. Desires such as food, clothing, vacation, and travel, the desire to buy decreases, and the economy will grow. The very rich get richer again thanks to those who are sick and die.

Fewer plebs mean less whining, fewer demonstrations, less rebellion, fewer sick people, and less hatred and competition.

And while Ukraine is burning the grain and demanding more money, the average person lives on because their days are numbered anyway.

That injection on those lab mice will soon take care of it all. By all, I mean the brain of the people that can then be controlled remotely. A lifelike robot is then no longer necessary. Soon those few who survive will all be like The Six Million Man.

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Written by   853
2 months ago
Topics: Column, Writing, War, 2022, September, ...
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I remember when the pandemic started in our country year 2020 my friend. It was really heartbreaking, there are a lot of people lose their lives. So painful. I was really sad everytime I watched news.

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2 months ago